Special fried rice, a food review

A food review by: Lee Sonogan

(589 – 618AD) Main Course/Cooked rice, cooking oil


Special fried rice or just fried rice is a dish of steamed rice stir-fried in a wok, often mixed with other ingredients, such as eggs, vegetables, and meat. It is sometimes served as the penultimate dish in Chinese banquets, just before dessert. It varies from country to country. It is loved in East-Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Pacific, America, Europe and world-wide.

Cooked rice is the primary ingredient, with myriad of additional ingredients (sometimes and/or preferably, leftovers. Listed as vegetables, eggs, meat (chicken, beef, pork), preserved meat (bacon, ham, sausage), seafood (fish, shrimp, crab), mushrooms, among others. Aromatics such as onions, shallots, scallions, and garlic are often added for extra flavor. Various cooking oils, such as vegetable oil, sesame oil, or lard can be used to grease the wok or frying pan to prevent sticking, as well as for flavor.

The ingredients in the Special fried rice I like is:

  • Rice (Fired)
  • Spring onion
  • Peeled prawns
  • Pork or chicken fillets
  • Capsicum (Sliced)
  • Frozen peas
  • Carrot (Small bits)
  • Cooked egg pieces (Small bits is alright with it)
  • Clove garlic (Sliced)
  • Green Shalots (Sliced)
  • Cooking oil

From since I was a kid, I really liked my special fried rice. Picky, I always put in extra time and effort to get it. Taste wise, it stands alone in the fired rice game. Multiple ingredients cooked well enough that all the flavours mixed in. Experimenting, I like it with soy sauce and lemon sauce at the same time from the Chinese shop. Anyway, its healthier than most options and you get more of it too. I recommend this food to everyone with soy sauce!


PS – I want it now without corn or anything else I do not like with it!

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