50 Ways to make the WWE better


“If Shakespeare was alive today he would be writing wrestling shows” – Chris Jericho

I still watch wrestling highlights… Beats watching hours of mostly bad professional wrestling. Brutal buryings and just not interesting entertainment anymore. They still can do cool things in the ring. But, to watch wrestling you need best of both worlds to get people hanging around every week.

  1. Change up the show opening promos
  2. Less scripted promos and more improvised promos with limitations
  3. Bring back CM Punk
  4. Become less of a public company and be a more private company again
  5. Cross collaborate WWE with NJPW
  6. Mention all wrestling promotions if relevent
  7. Get rid of old Vince McMahon running things back stage
  8. Stop pushing wrestlers that people boo
  9. Be less repetitive in story ideas
  10. Less ending storylines without a conclusion
  11. Cut out most of the casual timers
  12. Bring back familiar names at relevent times
  13. Push for more original characters
  14. More brutal and edgy promos
  15. Cut down bad wrestling logic
  16. Take more interesting risks in all areas
  17. Bring back more metal and hard rock for pay view views and storyline videos
  18. Do not insult your fans/audience
  19. More fan interaction during episodes of Raw, Smackdown and NXT
  20. Make the TV show ‘Raw’ a two-hour show
  21. Do not waste NXT superstars when they go to the main roster
  22. More original concepts for commentary dialog
  23. Add more interesting female commentors to the commentary team
  24. Bring back the Hardcore championship?
  25. Bring the King of the ring tournament back and make it more legit
  26. In the video games, bring back story mode more like WWE: Here comes the pain
  27. If wrestlers have social media accounts, it must be all done in their gimmick or character
  28. Stop breaking the fourth wall
  29. Change certain wrestlers gimmicks to something more interesting
  30. Fix the heel issue with the bad guys always losing
  31. Better booking and different matchups
  32. Go to TV 14 in america and maybe M in Australia
  33. Hire writers from good movies and tv show
  34. Build more main event wrestlers that people want to see
  35. Let the characters organically develop instead of ramming the down our throats
  36. No more joke matches in the main event of any show
  37. Make every championship mean something
  38. Quit burying talent due to backstage politics
  39. Less filler in all the shows
  40. Paul Heyman for creative and entertainment side of wrestling
  41. Remove some of the gimmick pay per views
  42. Give more time to the mid card wrestlers
  43. Let go of the past and embrace the present
  44. Bring in more interesting wrestling managers
  45. Have slower builds to story lines
  46. Give wrestlers multiple finishers
  47. Have more Best of 7 series matches for championships
  48. Let fans vote for matches more for an entire show
  49. Bring back the giant Smackdown Fist
  50. Have wrestlemania in Australia, Melbourne

Who agrees with me? I want to watch good quality wrestling again. NJPW is the most interesting company out there for me. Soon WWE is going to have to catch up.

“When life takes you down like Brock Lesnar, You have to be Goldberg. But struggle doesn’t stop there, you will be taken down again soon. You will have to be Undertaker this time. It is all about improving and improvising.”
― Harshvardhan Malpani

One thought on “50 Ways to make the WWE better

  1. numbers #3, #4, #7, #10 and #18…especially #7 WILL NEVER HAPPEN….
    also # 8, no chance of that happening..

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