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A list by: Lee Sonogan

I use this site to promote and advertise my blog. Doing this, I can answer some interesting questions at the same time. This list is full of question about writing, blogging, video games, movies and extra questions from the internet.


1. Why isn’t music criticism popular like film or video game reviews?

Music is usually way shorter. So when your writing the review about music, you end up speaking about the band, the songs or/and the lyrics. It is easier to be non biased to music unless you have strong views on the type of music you listen to. In my opinion I appreciate the contrast of most music so criticism is hard. Instead of a review, a music debate would involve more criticism and discussion of both positive and negative factors.

2. Do people usually struggle while reading comics?

Comics got me reading other stuff and writing. A comic or graphic novel is easier to read and the pictures help. If you do not like superhero stuff, theres many other genres out there. If you try, you should not struggle with comics.

3. What is your favourite Pokemon of each type?

Bug – Volcarona

Dragon – Dragonite

Ice = Rayquzza

Fighting – Blaziken

Fire – Charizard

Flying – Talonflame

Grass – Chesnaught

Ghost – Gengar

Ground – Gliscor

Electric – Rotom

Normal – Snorlax

Psychic – Mewtwo

Rock – Tyranitar

Water – Greninja

Dark – Darkrai

Steel – Lucario

Fairy – Sylveon

4. How do you store your ideas, thoughts?

In WordPress drafts, Openoffice documents, notes on phone, paper book and some things on my external hardrive for backup copys

5. How do you get a lot of cash and gold?

Use a metal detector after a storm. Then go to a beach and see what the waters dragged up?

6. How do I become a better lyricist?

Look up poems with intering topics? Listen to new music with subtittles on?

7. Why do we think we know what we want?

We think it over, research it and then plan it in our minds to be put into action.

8. How do I write longer sentences or questions?

Longer desriptive words. More symonins of words. Add in more action words. Ask longer questions by adding a extra sentence before the question. Think of a connecting sentence from the past and next sentence written in the paragragh. Always make each sentence progress from the following one. Theres some ideas.

9. What makes a talented singer?

Creative vocals, able to switch between styles of vocals, a healthy throat that can keep up with all the singing, a original band name, Voice style fits in well with the bands music, is able to write lyrics and lyrics to music, The passion and effort to make something interesting, can keep a large audience entertained, can do press interviews, so much more.

10. In Age of Empires 2, what should Scorpions be used for? Are they any good compared to other Siege weapons?

In Age of Empires 2 you need archers with warriors to push forward. If you have not much food and more gold and wood, the Scropions can be useful to have because they shoot long range. Keep them protected though because they can break easy like any other siege weapon.

11. How do writers get inspiration?

Research and coming up with ideas that you like that you have not seen before and want to see.

12. What is the most efficient way to play video games?

Record or stream you video game sessions. Include sound in mic and stream on Twitch to get donations. Other then that you could use the recorded footage for video reviews, tips and more for youtube video.

13. What five things would make the world better?

Truth, Science, Logic, Philosophy and Technology

14. How is Australia an amazing country?

Its large, its citys has everything you would want, it is usally hot, it has potential to be more than it is, I live there, mixed races of different people everywhere, too far away to get bombed, not as difficult on many issues/politics.

15. Is logic learned?

Logic is from perspective and based of the most truest facts and information you learn in your enviroment/s on the planet. Perspective can be influenced and aquired through many ways always changing and evolving peoples perspective of logic alway.

16.  If I have too many games to play, what do I do?

Time and schedule your playing time. Get up early for a few hours to smash out some quality video game time. Play the solo games first to get through your list. Throw a party and smash out a few video games all night with freinds. Stream your video game time and make money from it.

17. How do I start a book?

Develop a original concept and write a short description of what that the original concept is about. Then feedback to see if its worth creating the story, structure and more of it all.

18. What are good educational paths for youth?

Self education in skills your interested in. If you explore everything you want by yourself you eliminate time and effforting finding what your interests are and want you want to do with life. Then later you will crave more information and join courses, work or events based on your interests and what you have experienced in your new life passions.

19. What’s your favorite Pokemon? Mine is Greninja.

Lucario the humanoid dog Pokemon. A steel and fighting type Pokemon. It can attack physically and specially. It is in smash and tekken. If I had a team of six of them, I would win.

20. What would happen if all ‘bugs’ in the world suddenly ceased to exist?

The spreading of all things that grow in nature will slow down a good amount

21. How can I use good vocabulary while writing?

Use new words in real life, study new synonyms for words, be more desriptive while writing, add new words you dont use much in sentances to make the paragraghs longer.

22. When starting a blog as an author, what is the best content to use?

Personal promotions and content, Reviews, lists, reactions, predictions, Writing advice, humour, links/resources, interviews, other creative pieces

23. What anime would you recommend to me if I’m into horror/mystery anime?

Death Note, Attack on Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ghost in Shell, Akria

24. How can I watch anime on my cell phone?

Have internet on. Use internet browser to get google up. Open up http://Kissanime.com on your phone through google. Watch the anime on website.

25. Why should I make a blog?

You have knowledge and skills you want to share to the public? Your interested enough to ask the question. Advertise or promote yourself of certain ideas.

26. Is it weird to compose my own music and not share it?

No it is not. But you should share it to the public eventually. What you got stored up could help alot of people who need good tunes.

27. What are some great games for PS4?

Last of Us Remasted, Uncharted – The Nathan Drake collection, Minecraft, Grand theft auto V, Rocket League, UFC 2, and much more!

28. Why do we read non-fiction?

It gives us a different media to gather information from. Some non-fiction can be creative and done indifferent ways. It keeps you informed of news and upcoming interests. It tells you instructions and information to other resources and relevent ideas.

29. What would happen if an observatory look at the Sun?

See the spectrum of light closer up. See different data of the sun with a advanced ultra violet or inferred telescope. With knowledge of astrophysics, you could estimate observations in the sun and around it.

30. How do I build a dramatical story?

Structure, original concept/s, establishing character development, add build up of suspense, add connects, add conflict and issues, reflect story on the first, second and third act, add perspective and interesting themes and topics, end strong

31. How has having a pet improved your life?

A small pet is awsome to chill with and easy to take care of. It has improved my life by always having someone with me in my room.

32. Where will we live if the whole world has been occupied?

Underground, citys on the ocean and in space. The gravity between the moon and the Earth can support a space highway of sorts. Terraform a new planet?

33. Are books the best way to learn?

One of the best ways for sure. You absorb the information in a different way then other ways of education and entertainment.

34. What would be the best way to create a utopia?

The Venus Project has some good ideas

35. How can I work online by starting a blog on a genuine site?

Start a free account on WordPress.com

36. Will Pokemon ever stop?

Hopefully it will not and just keep getting better!

37. What are you waiting for?

New Nintendo Switch video games

38. What is anime all about?

Anime is adult animation from Japan. They air it at night at the most popular times over there. I am watching the English dub of One Piece and I am up to ep 540. In Japan there up to ep 802.

39. How can I know and find myself?

Never stop exploring until you find something you can connect to. Then continues to find more connections in your life. Then you will know that you are something.

40. What is the best way to study and remember a topic?

For me it is to write either a list, review or article about a topic after mass research into the topic.

41. How do you sell yourself?

Make yourself stand out from the rest. Then make sure your effort benifits everyone around you.

42. What are you considering to study?

I want to study more about writing but, the place I wanted to do that course at is not doing it anymore 🙁

43. What games have you spent the largest total numbers of hours playing?

Age of Empires II: HD Edition or Minecraft haha

44. What feeds your soul?

Creativity, Innovation, Design, Art, Fiction, Non-fiction, Development, Growth, Music, Experience, Knowledge, Wisdom, Science, Philosophy, Originality, Collaborating, Inspiration, Ideas, Values, Interests, Passions, New Findings, The video image, Writing, Nature, Will power, and more

45. What makes a story interesting to you?

Originality, creativity, dialog, character development, style, descriptions, witty scenes, interesting filler, boldness, music, references, humour, mystery, horror, brutality, conflict, relatable personal stuff, complexity, locations, actions, choices and so much more!

46. With so many free resources available on the internet, how does an aspiring writer decide on what topics to write?

Write what your passionate about. Write about what you already know. Write what you want to write about. Write about what people do not talk about much.

47. I started a blog but it is not gaining much attention, what do I do?

Keep writing and making new content

48. Is the Nintendo switch worth it?

Yes for sure! It does not have much game at the moment but, it has Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2 and more you might like. It is the best hand-held device for video games and then you can pop it onto your tv in seconds. You can play it in multiple different ways and play with a friend with both of the joycons of the console. More interesting games for it are coming out soon. Youtube footage of games you like and judge for yourself.

49. How do I improve my handwriting and writing speed?

Type something relevent with something over the top of your hands. If you know where the button is without seeing it, that exercise can improve your writing speed

50. What is the best blog you have ever read?



Solved! I answer the Internets questions with direction and purpose. Qoura is an interesting website and it has made me like answering questions. In the near future I may answer more questions on the internet on such websites as Yahooanswers.au and more.

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