Cards Against Humanity, a game review

A game review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2011) 25-90 minutes/Party game


What gets better with age? – Robert Downey, Jr. – Cards Against Humanity.

I played this game the other day for the first time and it was interesting enough to keep my attention. It is a exercise in coming up with entertaining lines of words and sentences. The game can last for different periods of time depending on the amount of people playing and cards being used. You must make people laugh to win at this game.

The rules are as follows. First you decide who the Czar is. The Csar is the question asker with black cards. These black cards have questions with blanks in it. So then the people with white card use them to fill in the blanks. The white cards have answers on them. The Czar then read out the possible answers to the blanks. The one that fills in the blanks and is the most funny to the Scar is the winner of the round.

Rounds keep going until there is not black cards to give out as points. Usually its the winner with the most black cards and the lowest collector of cards has to be the Czar in the next game. You can also play this game by a point system. Where you get points for the funniest to the lowest depending how many people are playing.

Cards against humanity is very much like a improvised group game. Reading a book on Improv I can now think of heaps of similar methods to the game. To give this game constructive criticism the white answer card do not give you enough options and the game would be funnier if the answers of the players were working together. By the end of each game you will feel relieved that you do not have to says or choose any more questions or brutal answers. I recommend giving this game a shot with a group of friends. Play it how you want to play it to increase the overall fun of the game.

PS – I am not even going to tell you how the Czar is picked first before starting any game…


Hey baby, come back to my place and I’ll show you – A PowerPoint presentation – Cards Against Humanity

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