Marvel’s The Defenders, a tv show review

A tv show review by: Lee Sonogan

(2017) 50min/Action, adventure, crime


“I heard about [Jessica Jones]. Thought she’d be bigger.”

Just finishing it before writing this, I felt like writing a review about it. a Netflix series combination of four of Marvels solo shows. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Lucas Cage and Iron fist all join forces in this tv show. The show is about the four with similar goals fight a crime in New York City. In the comics the Defenders were formed by the Incredible Hulk, Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer and Namor the Sub-Mariner.

In the first few episodes, the production uses colored light to great effect to separate out each individual Defender story. Look closely and you’ll notice that each scene involving Daredevil has a hint of red. Jessica Jones is lit with purple. Iron Fist with green and Luke Cage is lit in shades of yellow. As the series progresses and the Defenders become aligned, the four colors eventually turn into more neutral whites and blues.

Sigourney Weaver was announced to join the series on her 67th birthday. Sigourney Weaver’s character’s name is Alexandra, which happens to be Weaver’s middle name in real life. The name of all the four defenders cast members appears based on the release date they got released. The order is as follows. Daredevil played by Charlie Cox Jessica Jones played by Krysten Ritter Luke Cage played by Mike Colter Iron Fist played by Finn Jones.

This is Marvel’s 5th Netflix original series. It contains the largest amount of series regulars out of any of the Marvel Netflix series. At 8 episodes. Defenders is the shortest of the Marvel Netflix TV shows. All previous shows have 13 episode seasons. The Defenders  is shaping up to be the grittier, more street level side of The Avengers

It starts pretty slow and builds up each characters storys at first. It tells you enough about each character without needing to watch their other shows on Netflix. The all team up and things get more interesting. Their dialog of teamwork has issues at first but then, the action scenes get crazy. Each fighting sequence in this tv show is very well done and has excellent music for it. Scene wise, it has its moments and ups and downs. The ending leaves the characters reflecting on their last week and a good plot twist. I recommend this to people who are fans of the original Netflix tv shows and people who like the comics of these characters.


“I was wondering when I would see you again.”

“Me, too. [Stick waves hand in front of blind eyes] Guess it won’t be today.”

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