Splatoon 2, a video game review

A video game review by: Lee Sonogan

(2017) Action, family, fantasy


This is a sequel to the previous game, Splatoon made in 2015. A third person shooter game developed by Nintendo. You play as creatures called Inklings using weaponsied ink to spray paint and splat opponents. This video game is also a action-adventure/online multiplayer game. You win this game by filling the map with paint more than the other team. You have to play this game to belive it.

All the modes in the game are Octo Canyon, Regular battle, Salmon Run, Ranked battle, Splatfest battle, League battle and Private battle. Gameplay in theses modes are short and very fun. You gain levels and earn coins to buy things. Such as better weapons and clothing. Some of the clothing even has special skills you need to level up. One of my favourite weapons is the bucket. Throw paint around at people and it will get the kill in the game. Even though you don’t have to kill people to win the online game.

Video game sound track:

Turf War

  • Inkoming! by Wet Floor (Title track)
  • Rip Entry by Wet Floor
  • Endolphin Surge by Wet Floor
  • Don’t Slip! by Wet Floor
  • Undertow by Wet Floor
  • Now or Never! by Wet Floor
  • Ink Another Day by Wet Floor
  • Turf Master by Wet Floor
  • Match Introduction


  • Color Pulse by Off the Hook (Extended Version)
  • Fest Zest by Off the Hook
  • Ebb and Flow by Off the Hook
  • Muck Warfare by Off the Hook
  • Acid Hues by Off the Hook
  • Now or Never! by Off the Hook (Splatfest Version)

Inkopolis Square

  • Tutorial by Wet Floor
  • Character Creation featuring Pearl from Off the Hook
  • News Broadcast by Off the Hook
  • Beat of Inkopolis Square
  • Lobby
  • Online Lobby by Bob Dub
  • Sheldon’s Shop
  • Flow’s Shop
  • Bisk’s Shop
  • Jelfonzo’s Shop

Octo Canyon

  • Low Tide
  • The Girl from Inkopolis by Turquoise October
  • Octo Eight-Step by Turquoise October
  • Octarmaments by Turquoise October
  • Buoyant Boogie by Turquoise October
  • Shooting Starfish by Turquoise October
  • Final Boss Music (Part 1)
  • Final Boss Music (Part 2)
  • Final Boss Music (Part 3) (Spicy Calamari Inkantation) by the Squid Sisters
  • Fresh Start (Credits (Staff Roll) by the Squid Sisters

Salmon Run

  • Happy Little Workers by Grizzco Industries
  • Deluge Dirge by ω-3
  • Fishing Frenzy by ω-3
  • Ever Further by Grizzco Industries


  • Inkoming! by Wet Floor (Testfire Version)
  • Rip Entry (Testfire Version)
  • Undertow (Testfire Version)
  • Now or Never! (Testfire Version)
  • Tutorial by Wet Floor (Testfire Version)

To sum up the absolute game you must give it time. I sure did. Wish I had better internet to play it more… It is one of the most original shooter games I have ever played. Its colourful with Nintendo style and interestedly competitive. It may cost a bit in the present so consider getting it when it is a little cheaper. Other than that, this is an underrated game once you learn how to enjoy it. I recommend this video game to every one who likes quick matches and alternative  first person shooter game.


Don’t get cooked.. Stay of the hook!!! – Marina

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