Rocket league, a video game review

A video game review by: Lee Sonogan

(2015) Sport, Sci-fi


This is a physics-based online game where players engage in soccer-type matches using rocket powered, customizable cars. Was made in the Unreal engine 3 program. A small time video game made by Psyonix. It has gotten even more popular online by its new interactivity and gameplay. In this game you shot goals in rocket cars.

Modes are one player and online. You can play normal soccer, hoops, snow and more customizable matches. You can even customize your vehicles. There is a whole training mode to master the skills and challenges of the game. To gain the real experience, you need to give online a shot. Everyone online in the game is very good and will push you to be a better player.

After every game you are rewarded with items and such to customize your experience. There are many hidden and rare items you can collect in the game.  There are millions of different combinations you can use to customise your car. Fun fact – You can drive up all the walls and do various flips and backflips.

Its weird and wonderful with its short games and creative gameplay. A another fact is that if you’re boosting full speed, you can demolish your opponent in the game. I got this game for free and I have never looked back. With this game being highly competitive on all the main video game consoles, you will be coming back to this game many times. to play. I recommend this video game to everyone, there is not much issues at all with this game.


“ I understand the world can be cruel place and there are people out there counting on naive kids like you to take advantage of. Don’t just think because it’s video games people can’t get hurt.”
― Cory Doctorow, In Real Life

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