100 Ways To Relax Your Mind

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

Calmness and comfort. When you mind is relaxed you can think more healthy and are more healthy. It is recommended to take breaks from your issues and struggles in life to re-focus your mind. Take it easy sometimes and you will certain gain positive advantages.


“Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind.”
― Amit Ray, Meditation: Insights and Inspirations

100 Way to Relax:
  1. Listen to favourite music
  2. Eat food that tastes good
  3. Drink something from the fridge or tap
  4. Watch a movie at home or out somewhere
  5. Catch up on a tv show
  6. Read something on a shelf or at a library
  7. Go for a walk somewhere close to where you live
  8. Begin your own autobiography
  9. Go explore somewhere you have not been
  10. Do something you have not done before
  11. Got get a massage
  12. Play a video game of any genre
  13. Go into the city
  14. Make a solo picnic outside for yourself
  15. Do some deep breathing
  16. Take a hot bath with music or/ and handheld device
  17. Blow bubbles and pop them
  18. Get intimate with some mentally or physically
  19. Breath some fresh air
  20. Masturbation
  21. Draw something
  22. Educate yourself on the workings of the brain
  23. Observe and adjust behaviours relating to stress
  24. Take prescribed medicine
  25. Look at yourself in the mirror
  26. Make your self laugh
  27. Hang with mates
  28. Speak to someone random online
  29. Organise files on computer
  30. Organise room, bookshelf and extra
  31. List something that you do alot
  32. Start a journal/diary
  33. Brainstorm relevent ideas
  34. Daydream
  35. Observe people and your environment
  36. Learn a higher perspective compared to what your feeling
  37. Write something
  38. Play a board game
  39. Look at art
  40. Comment somewhere on the internet
  41. Take a selfie
  42. Find opportunities for the future
  43. Accept the past
  44. Learn from past mistakes
  45. Listen to people’s advise
  46. Eat more fruit
  47. Drink more water
  48. Use a stress ball
  49. Go to bed early
  50. Have a cat nap
  51. Go see a live event
  52. Find something that makes you laugh
  53. Cut out sugar from diet
  54. Have a warm glass of milk
  55. Play with an animal pet pal
  56. Unsubsribe from places you don’t visit anymore on the internet
  57. Decorate your personal environment
  58. Stop over analyzing
  59. Feelings are just feelings
  60. Find a support group
  61. Loosen your clothing
  62. Try a sleep mask
  63. Play with a Zen garden box
  64. Acupuncture
  65. Cry it out
  66. Reflect on the positive
  67. Trick your brain into thinking positive
  68. Give it time to pass
  69. Practice mindfulness
  70. Vitamins
  71. Tell the truth
  72. Do something, not nothing
  73. Research philosophy
  74. Chew gum
  75. Float in water
  76. Embrace aging
  77. Let out a deep sigh
  78. Count to ten, forwards or backwards
  79. Pursue a passion of yours
  80. Quit watching mainstream news
  81. Try Mixed martial arts
  82. Avoid toxic people
  83. Learn to forgive
  84. Dance
  85. Watch a sunrise
  86. Bake or cook
  87. Join Yoga or a group exercise
  88. Start an autobiography
  89. Make money
  90. Speak with family
  91. Set a personal record of something
  92. Think of Earth as just a speck in something way bigger
  93. Do an experiment
  94. Get a pet rock
  95. Wear a onsie
  96. Change your style of appearance
  97. Live life in the present
  98. Keep your ego under control
  99. See a doctor
  100. Just relax!!!

Please take my advise under consideration to keep sane and generally happy.  In the world we live in today we gotta influence calmness and the happiness into others. Anyone could attempt to use any of these tips and tricks.

“Your greatest awakening comes, when you are aware about your infinite nature.”
― Amit Ray, Meditation: Insights and Inspirations



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