Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, a movie review

A move review by: Lee Sonogan

(2017)2h16min/Action, Adventure, Sci-fi


Peter Quill: Showtime, A-holes!

The sequel to the one made in 2014. IMDB describes this movies as The Guardians must fight to keep their newfound family together as they unravel the mystery of Peter Quill’s true parentage. This movie had a $200 million dollar budget and made over $861 million at the box office

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline, the film takes place in 2014, three months after Guardians of the Galaxy also in 2014. It takes place a year after Thor: The Dark World in 2013, before or after Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2014 and a year before Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015.

Director James Gunn revealed that he and Producer Kevin Feige wanted David Bowie to appear in a cameo before his death on January 10, 2016 .James Gunn choreographed and served as the motion-capture model for Groot’s dance during the opening credits sequence. It took the visual effects team nearly two years to complete the CG rendering of the scene for the final film.

Dave Bautista’s Drax make-up took only ninety minutes to apply, down from four hours for the first film. However, he would have to sit in a sauna at the end of the day, to get the make-up off. Chris Pratt said that he found the workout regimen for his shirtless scene much easier compared to the first film, because he was already in great shape going into the film. For first movie, Pratt was sixty pounds overweight when he started working out.

Bradley Cooper recorded his lines for Rocket while wearing a performance capture headpiece in the recording studio, to perfectly synchronize Rocket’s voice and facial expressions. This had not been done in the first movie. James Gunn previously said that Stan Lee’s cameo in this film is one of the four Lee cameos filmed in one day. In addition to this film, Gunn directed two other cameos, one being Doctor Strange in 2016 and another one in which he did not specify.

This is the first feature film shot with Red Digital Cinema’s Weapon Dragon 8K digital camera. The camera uses a VistaVision sized digital sensor, based on the 35mm format developed in the 1950s that ran film horizontally rather than vertically for a larger negative.

Sylvester Stallone is the second actor from The Expendables in 2010 to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Mickey Rourke was the first, starring in Iron Man 2 in 2010. This film is part of Chapter Three of Phase Three in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvels more Sci-f Marvel movie. Its cast is impressive full of a good group of actors. With the characters being so different, they all act well in style. The space battles are interesting and the imagery is blockbuster worthy. The Soundtrack is excellent and the movie may even make you laugh. The ending is a celestial fight between two characters played by Chris Pratt and Kurt Russsel, plus a ticking clock. I recommend this movie to fans of the Marvel comics and like the first movie.


Drax: This gross bug-lady is my new friend!

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