100 Best Pokemon from all video games

― Maxie Matsubasa

Prepare for the best Pokemon going around…

There are 802 known Pokemon as of VII generation. Being a fan of Pokemon since its origin, I can confidently make a list that shows there best. There are plenty of epic Pokemon other than the original 151. With research and a description of these Pocket Monsters, I will show you the best of the best.

Imagine the possibilities if every single Pokemon was used in one Pokemon game. Pokemon Snap 2, Pokemon Stadium 3, Pokemon Go, Pokemon Colosseum 3 and more. With the new Nintendo Switch out, the new video games could be endless with existing content.

Next time you play a quality Pokemon game, you might wanna get one of these Pokemon on your team of six. Consider this, not all Pokemon were created equal. My list my rules. The following list is in no particular order:


1. Arceus

The god Pokemon. According to legend, this Pokemon emerged from an egg and shaped all there is in this world. Depinding what it holds is what its type is.

2. Mewtwo

A Pokemon created by recombining Mew’s genes. It is said to have the most savage heart among Pokemon. It also has two different Mega Evolutions.

3. Mew

Mew is said to have the DNA of every single Pokemon contained within its body. It can learn every TM and HM.

4. Lucario

It’s a jackal/humanoid Pokemon. My favourite Pokemon has high attack and speed stats. Even though it’s a steel type, it may let you down with its low defensive stats.


It files forever through the ozone layer, consuming meteoroids for sustenance. It can Mega evolve.

6. Darkrai

To protect itself, it afflicts those around it with nightmares. However, it means no harm. It knows the moves Dark Void, Dark Pulse Nasty plot and more.

7. Blissey

Its fluffy fur coat acts as a sensor, enabling it to read the feelings of people and Pokemon. It is very special defensive and can pull of strong special attacks such as Fire blast.

8. Charizard

Charizard files around te sky in search of powerful opponents. Its wings can get this Pokemon to an altitude of 4,600 feet. It has two Mega Evolutions with one being a dragon type.

9. Dragonite

It is capable of circling the globe in 16 hours. It is known to lead lost people at sea to land. It has a variety of moves for a dragon type such as Dragon dance, thunder, roost and much more.

10. Marowak – Alola

Its custom is to mourn its lost companions. Mounds of dirt by the side of the road mark the graves of the Marowak.

11. Greninja

It appears and vanishes with a ninja’s grace. It toys with its enemies, while slicing them with throwing stars of the sharpest water.

12. Gengar

Should you feel yourself attacked by a sudden chill, it is evidence of an approaching Genger. It can Mega evolve.

13. Mimikyu

A ghost fairy type that want to be a Pikacha while it can be good on its own.

14. Scizor

A fast Steel/bug type that doubles its weakest moves attacks. It can Mega evolve.

15. Salamence

The Salamence can Mega evolve where its wings become so sharp that it can cut through mountains. A third generation dragon.

16. Beartic

The polar bear with great physical attack. A solid ice type Pokemon.

17. Tyranitar

A ramping kaiju that is the closest Pokemon to Godzilla. It can Mega evolve and summons and sandstorm when summoned.

18. Venusaur

A last evolution of a Bulbasaur. This Grass/Poison type Pokemon is an average Pokemon from the first series of Pokemon games.

19. Volcarona

A bug of the sun Pokemon. It is a bug and fire type Pokemon. Knows the move Quiver dance.

20. Mawile

The deceiver Pokemon. It can Mega evolve.

21. Latios

A twin legendary Pokemon from the third generation. It can Mega evolve.

22. Latias

A twin legendary Pokemon from the third generation. It can Mega evolve.

23. Keldeo

The legendary colt Pokemon. It is a water and fighting type Pokemon.

24. Heatran

That big steel fire bug you always wanted. A semi legendary Pokemon from the fourth generation of video games.

25. Gardevoir

A psychic/fairy Pokemon that can mega evolve. It is under the category Embrace.

26. Gallade

The blade psychic fighting Pokemon. It can Mega evolve.

27. Excadrill

Physical strong with a good type match up of steel and ground.

28. Clefable

An underrated fairy type Pokemon. Calm mind and it turns into a beast.

29. Snorlax

The fat tub of lard that is fun to use. it has its own z move called pulsating pancake

30. Bisharp

The dark sword blade steel Pokemon. It is 1.6m in height. A dark/steel Pokemon.

31. Smeargle

Knows the move Sketch. It may not look like match but it can do some interesting combinations of Pokemon moves.

32. Houndoom

A Dark/Fire type inspired by a Ceraberus bone dog. it can Mega evolve

33. Slowbro

Sick name for a Pokemon. Water and psychic, it can mega evolve to a more defensive Pokemon.

34. Gyarados

A sea beast that evolves from a Magikarp. It can also Mega evolve.

35. Azumarill

Some may say cute, but it is very deadly. It can learn belly drum.

36. Alakazam

That moustache and spoons. It can Mega evolve and it is very fast.

37. Porygon – z

A computer program turned Pokemon. Its Z form is the strongest.

38. Serperior

A last evolution of the fifth generation of Pokemon starters. A solid grass Pokemon.

39. Absol

The disaster Pokemon. it can mega evolve and powerful dark Pokemon.

40. Arcaine

First genration badass dog Pokemon. It has speed and interesting moves in the newer generations.

41. Aerodactyl

A Pokemon from the past. it can mega evolve and is very fast.

42. Chandelure

A Pokemon modeled after something you might find on your ceiling. It is fast and knows good fire and ghost moves.

43. Crobat

Zubat is everywhere. Capturing one and getting a Crobat may be worse it. It is very fast and has good poison and flying moves.

44. Muk – Alola

Mutated and with a new type, old Muk is useful on a team of six or competitive play.

45. Hydreigon

Three headed dragon, what more do you want?

46. Audino

Like a Chansey but can mega evolve. Lots of hp and stronger attacking then a Chansey/Blissey.

47. Primarina

A last form of the Pokemon starters from the video games Sun and Moon. A strong special attacker.

48. Decidueye

Last form of one of the new starters. It could use Z moves and is very fast.

49. Blastoise

A favourite from the first generation. it can Mega evolve.

50. Volcanion

A fire bug with decent abilities. It can learn Quiver dance.

51. Ho – Oh

Said to bring luck to who everyone who sees it. A god phoenix from the second generation of games

52. Lugia

God bird of the ocean. One of the only Pokemon to know the move Aeroblast.

53. Regirock

The third generation legendary Pokemon. Knows the moves Drain punch, curse, stone edge.

54. Regiice

The second regi Pokemon from the third generation legendary Pokemon.

55. Registeel

The third regi Pokemon from the third generation legendary Pokemon.

56. Metagross

A metal crab with psychic powers. it can mega evolve and use the move meteor mash.

57. Blaziken

A humanoid chick that has great fighting and fire moves. It can Mega evolve.

58. Kyogre

A god beast from the sea. it has a primal mode form.


A god beast from deep in the planet. It has a primal mode form. It uses fire and ground moves.

60. Deoxys

The powerful space alien. It has different forms with different stats.

61. Dialga

Fourth generation dragon of time.

62. Palkia

Fourth generation dragon of space. It uses water and dragon moves.

63. Giratina

The dragon of the reverse world. A ghost dragon type Pokemon.

64. Shaymin

It may be small but, it is one of the best grass type Pokemon in the game.

65. Reshiram

Fifth generation dragon. Uses dragon and fire moves.

66. Zekrom

Fifth generation dragon. Uses dragon and electric moves.

67. Kyurem

Fifth generation dragon. Uses dragon and ice moves.

68. Ditto

The purple goo that has the ability to transform. Only two Pokemon in the game have the move.

69. Solgaleo

A beast lion Pokemon with legendary moves. Cover Pokemon of Pokemon Sun.

70. Lunaia

A legendary Pokemon from Pokemon Moon.

71. Xerneas

The fairy legendary Pokemon of life. Its on the front cover of the video game.

72. Yveltal

Steals life-force from everything around it when it dies and becomes a powerful omen.

73, Genesect

Robot bug with an interesting ability power up. It has strong defenses and resistant to a lot of Pokemon types.

74.  Aegislash

A sword and shield ghost Pokemon. It has a move called the Kings shield.

75. Phermosa

Kill a Poke and this Pokemon goes into beast-mode.

76.  Zangoose

A ferret thing with attitude. It has the effect of guts. Put facade as a move on it and it can get a x4 attack on your opponent.

77. Wishiwashi

Weak Wishiwashi team up to become a much stronger force.

78, Wobbuffet

The counter master. It also has a variety of useful non attacking moves. Team Rockets greatest Pokemon.

78, Wailord

The Pokemon with the highest weight. It uses mostly water moves.

79, Snorlax

Physical defensive this Pokemon is a strong normal type Pokemon.

80. Virizion

A Pokemon of the grassland. It is a grass fighting type.

81. Uxie

A psychic Pokemon of Knowledge. It is one of three legendary psychic Pokemon.

82. Vaporean

The bubble jet Pokemon. It is a Pokemon that evolves from a Eevee.

83, Vaniluxe

A bunch of ice cream made of ice. Fast with strong special attack.

84. Unkown

Its description relates to what the Pokemon is called.

85. Ursaning

A bear with guts. Pun intended as it has it as an ability.

86. Tropius

A banana tree that is also a flying type. It has grass and flying moves.

87. Steelix

A large steel snake that can mega form into a cooler looking form.

88. Spiritomb

A dark and ghost type with a variety of interesting moves.

89. Taurous

A first generation Pokemon worth remembering. Strong normal physical attacking moves.

90. Slaking

The king of monkeys. The normal type has powerful physical attack.

91. Shuckle

Very defensive with next to no attack. It uses Sticky web, Knock off, Infestation and more to get an advantage.

92. Shedinja

Wonder guard is a Pokemon effect. Usually holds a focus sash.

93.  Seaking

You know why! Oh yeah!

94. Sandslash – Alola

Being ice and steel, you don’t have to worry about water attacks. In its last form you would.

95. Rotom – Various forms

A little electric ghost thing with various forms.

96. Ramparados

A dinosaur fossil Pokemon with a lot of Power. Usually holds a choice scarf.

97. Quagsire

A surprising great defensive Pokemon. Knows recover, water and ground moves.

98.  Raichu

Classic old Raichu! You need a thunderstone to get one of these.

98. Articuno

The ice bird in the cave with all the rocks. A legendary bird of the first generation.

99. Accelgor

A bug that is a ninja. It is very fast. Having removed its hard shell, it wraps itself in membrane for its apparences.

100. Dusknoir

A spooky ghost that resembles a cyclops. It is very defensive.


100 out of 802 of the best Pokemon in the Franchise. If your playing any of the video games, 6 of these 100 Pokemon are worthy to be on your team. Each Poke can give your team the advantage you may possible want on your team.

“That’s not a religion, that’s Pokemon.”
― Stephen Colbert, I Am America



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