The Joe Rogan Experience, a podcast review

A podcast review by: Lee Sonogan

(2009) 2-3hr – Audio/Video, Talk


The Joe Rogan Experience is a free audio and video talk podcast hosted by American comedian, actor, sports commentator, and television host Joe Rogan. With nearly a thousand individual videos over the years. Theres gotta be a conversation/s in there that will interest you and surprise you in different ways.

The podcast has become one of the most popular from the United States. In August 2010, nine months after its launch, it entered the list of Top 100 podcasts on iTunes. The podcast was voted Best Comedy Podcast of 2012 by users of iTunes. In January 2015, the podcast was listened to by over 11 million people. By October 2015, it had grown to acquire 16 million downloads a month

It has a variety of content. For the stated goal of personal interest, the host has had an incredible range of guests, from mountain climbers to rocket scientists to hulking mma beasts to brainiacs, all with multiply contradicting points of view from which the listener learns a great deal during the podcast, from a variety of angles. The videos have clear intellect. Clear intellect from the host allows for the guests to open up and talk freely, rather than clam up and try to defend something, and it allows for limitless deeper discussion

Uncensored for content and unedited for time. The lack of censorship should go without saying, but in today’s world its kinda crazy that there’s still rampant censorship out there. But even more important is the lack of editing for time. Some podcasts have gone on for 3+ hours, and 2 hours seems the sweet spot. If you can enjoy a feature-length film, why not a discussion between a professional conversationalist and a professional something-else about a variety of topics.

Joe Rogan is funny and creates a commentary with passion. His inspirational and creates great visual content out of nothing. No other mainstream news media can compare to The Joe Rogan experiences discussions, information and truth. If the pen is more powerful than the sword, this podcast is a perfect example of it. I recommend these videos to anyone who is interested in what guest Joe has on the show and education on all topics that they talk about in every video.


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