Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Invoked Deck

Here is a another competitive deck in the Yu-gi-oh world. Light monsters with Cyber dragon infinity in it. Practise the deck to master it.



Galaxy soldier x3

Cyber dragon x2

Black luster soldier – Envoy of the beginning

Aleister the invoker x3

Honest x2

Cyber dragon core x2

Cyber dragon drei x2

Juragedo x3

Thunder king Rai-oh



Invocation x3

Magicial meltdown x2

Soul charge

Twin twister x2

Upstart goblin

Swords of revealing light

Instant fusion


Cyber repair plant

Limiter removal

Overload fusion



Quaking mirror force x2

Solemn warning

Fiendish chain

Solemn strike

Jar of avarice



Extra deck


Invoked Mechaba x3

Invoked Caliga

Chimeratech fortress dragon

Chimeratech rampage dragon


Number 103: Ragnazero

Number 39: Utopia

Number S39: Utopia the lightning

Wind-up arsenal Zemmaioh

Cyber dragon nova x2

Cyber dragon infinity x2



Use Aleister the invoker to fusion summon Invoked Mechaba and Invoked Caliga.

Fusion monsters should have the spell field card out called Magical meltdown where it protects them when they are summoned.

Summon Cyber dragon infinity with Galaxy soldiers and light monsters. Use Galaxy solider, Cyber dragon and Cyber dragon drei together to XYZ summon Cyber dragon Nova and then overlay Cyber dragon infinity over it.

Use Overload fusion to summon strong dark machine fusion monsters from your extra deck. Or summon the fusion monsters from the machine cards on your side of the field. No Polymerization needed.

Draw cards with Aleister the invoker, Cyber repair plant, Upstart goblin, Invocation, Magical Meltdown, Cyber dragon core, and Jar of avarice.

Defensive cards are Solemn warning, Quaking mirror force, Fiendish chain, Swords of revealing light, Limiter removal and Solemn strike.

Use Honest from your hand to double a light monsters attack if it were to be destroyed.


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