Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Normal Deck

The normal deck contains some cards with no monster effects. Combos with all cards without effects. Pendulum cards included



Orichalcos Shunoros

Blue-eyes white dragon x3



Rescure rabbit

Gryphon x3

Keeper of the shrine x3

Flash knight x3

Hieratic dragon of geleb

Master pendulum, the draco slayer x2

Vector pendulum, the draco slayer x2

Luster Pendulum, the dragonslayer

Box of friends x3



Advanced ritual art

Heart of a underdog x2

Faustian Bargin

Dragons mirror

Instant future


Swords of revealing light

Moon mirror shield

Dark factory of mass production

Pot of riches

Double summon



Fiendish chain

Burying mirror force x2

Solem warning

Common charity

Royal decree





Promineace, the Blasting Dracoslayer


Emral daigusto

Numver 39 Utopia

Number S39 Utopia the lightenting

Princess Cologne x2

Queen Dragun Djinn x2

Dark rebellion xyz dragon

Castel, the skyblaster, Musketeer

Number 82 Hearlandraco

Number 80 Rhapsody in berserk


Five-headed dragon

Elder entity Norden

first of the dragons



Draw cards are Pot of riches and Common charity

Use Box of friends to summon two monster straight from the deck

Summon Box of friends with Princess Cologne to gain more normal monsters

Use Flash knight, Master pendulum, the draco slayer, Vector pendulum, the dracoslayer and Lancephortnchus to pull of pendulum sumonings and effects

Summon the Blue-eyes with Princess Cologne, Daigusto Emeral, Keeper of the shrine and Hieratic dragon of Gebeb

Moon mirror shield to destroy one the strongest monsters on your opponents side with the highest attack

Extra support cards for normal monsters are Dark factory of mass production, Advanced ritual art, Faustiain bargain and first of the dragons

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