300 posts!!!


“When you have mastered numbers, you will in fact no longer be reading numbers, any more than you read words when reading books. You will be reading meanings.”
― W.E.B. Du Bois

Never ending content creation! Working on all sorts writing projects. With one word at a time, it gets bigger and bigger. Keeping a small-sized following, there is still more people to attract out there. Thank you to the people who have kept this blogs views over a hundred a day daily!

My other projects have been delayed since my last uncategorized post. Learning perfection in grammar and wording is needed for my other writing projects to be sucessful. The novella is being proof read by a professional. The movie script is being looked at by two people and Vengeance of a brutal cry is being edited from edits made from a printed out version.

For my blog, there are many drafts being done still. I will keep doing my blog as much as possible. Even though my other writing projects are a high priority for me. Will finish Issues and Answers soon and complete my other drafts. Still got ideas to write stuff on the fly as well.

Lootcrate asked me to make a post about there ‘Dream crate’. Saying that I would do it if I was rewarded for my efforts, I did not get a reply back… Thinking, I would like to collaborate more with people. Anyone reading this, I am interested in joining group efforts in creating writing content. Also anyone interested, contact me if you want to guest post on my blog for advertising purposes!

“Math is a very peculiar thing, for in it all numbers have a double but not all have halves.”
― Willa Valentine




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