Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks and Combos: Dark Sanctuary

Stall your opponent for the win. In a quick five turns, you have the potential to automatically win any match.



Maxx ‘C’

Thunder king Rai-Oh

Neo-spacain grand mole


Aroma jar x3



Dark sanctuary x2

Spirit message ‘A’

Spirit message ‘I’

Spirit message ‘N’

Spirit message ‘L’


Terraforming x2

Galaxy cyclone x2

Swords of revealing light


Gold sarcophagus x2

Shard of greed

Card trader

Messenger of peace x2



Destiny board

Imperial custom x2

Spirit barrier x2

Jar of avarice

Dark bribe x3


Storming mirror storm

Reckless greed





Slacker magician x2

Wind-up Zemaines



First and foremost, you need to stall until you have Destiny board out. Needed to get the automated win.

Combo with Dark sanctuary to summon the message cards as monsters. They are harder to kill with the effects of Dark sanctuary.

Also with the message cards, use Spirit barrier so they can not attack your life points directly.

Biggest flaw in the deck is keeping Destiny board on the field. Use Dark bribes and Imperial customs to protect it from being destroyed.

Use Card trader to switch out the spell message cards to get a more useful one.

Draw cards are One day of peace, Upstart goblin, Shard of greed, Appropriate, Gold sarcophagus and reckless greed.

Spam Aroma jars to gain all the extra life points you can.

If you lose your cards for Destiny board, then recycle them with Jar of avarice

All other monster and spell and trap cards are used to stall. Remember to put down fake distractions of spells and traps that you can’t use until Destiny board is up.

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