50 ideas for new blog posts

Hears one for you bloggers. Coming up with new content can be done by brainstorming and listing them out. This list will contain ideas for lists, reviews and articles and more relevent ideas that could potential appear on my blog in the future. I hope this can inspires you to come up with new ideas!


  1. Stand up comedy reviews
  2. Personal essays on certain themes
  3. List of freelance writing submissions for different media
  4. Astrophysics, quantum physics, applied physics, laws of nature and physics
  5. Einsteins theory of relativity
  6. Online personal business opportunities
  7. Theory’s on a self perpetual motion machine
  8. Idea on video game casinos
  9. Debates on contrasting ideas
  10. 30 events froms history that would make a good movie
  11. The possibiltys of quantum computing
  12. Jim Jefferries 2 year a slave concept
  13. 40 things you can do with information
  14. An investigative journalism piece
  15. A tall tale short story
  16. Biography/autobiography
  17. Relevance of greek philosophicy
  18. A commentary
  19. A confession
  20. Laws changed based on politics
  21. A personal revelation
  22. Song lyrics
  23. Wisdom literature
  24.  A journal entry
  25. A six word poem
  26. A play manuscript
  27. Relevent links posts with former content
  28. Create a treasure map and create a contest for it
  29. List of the aristocrats jokes
  30. Best websites for free sound
  31. Free self promotion ideas
  32. Not free self promotion ideas
  33. 33 reasons why you should not kill yourself
  34. Rick rolled post – Trolling click bait
  35. Self help advice
  36. Mysterys of the dark internet
  37. How to play solitaire
  38. Life hacks
  39. What would a new internet mean?
  40. Art design concepts for t-shirts
  41. 50 interesting tattoo designs
  42. Modern tribes in real life
  43. How to sound proof your room
  44. How to work out meaning to your dream
  45. Coming soon! Aquaman movie
  46. Treasure found under the ocean
  47. Citys built above water
  48. Mathmatical cheat sheet
  49. Time travelling theorys
  50. Most relevance quotes in today’s world

Just keep writing! Just keep writing!

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