My ideas for a DC comics movie franchise

Currently, Marvel dominates DC comics in their movie universe. DC has amazing storys to tell. Many fans feel let down by the current movie product. People want the dark and epic storys from the graphic novels, not an over the top action fest. If I had the power to decide a DC comics movie franchise, this is what I would do:




  • First Batman movie (Batman:Year one crossed with The killing Joker)
  • First superman movie (Good origin story with Lex Luger in it)
  • First Wonder women movie (Involve the greek mythology)
  • First collaboration movie (Team up with first three members against Ares)
  • First flash movie (Gorilla grodd/Origin story concept)
  • First Aquaman movie (Black manta as the main bad guy)
  • First captain marvel movie (Black atom as the main bad guy)
  • First Lobo movie
  • Prequel Metahumans movie (Vandal Savage as the main bad guy)
  • New live action Watchmen (Get Alan Moores approval)
  • Origin of the Justice legue of america movie


  • First Constantine movie (‘Vetigo’ graphic novel storys)
  • First Cyborg movie (Origin story)
  • First green arrow movie ( Origin story on the island and more?)
  • First green lanturn movie (Green lanturn corps – All three human Green lanturns)
  • First Swamp thing movie (Storys from Alan Moores adoption)
  • Second batman movie (Introduce all the robins into the story)
  • Suicide squad prequel (Amanda Waller, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Killer frost, Harley Quinn, Mirror master, Deathstroke, Enchantress, Katanana, Killer Croc and Rick Flag)
  • Kypton prequel (The planet and its people before it blew up)
  • First booster gold movie
  • Superman: Red Son (Written by Mark Millar)
  • Flashpoint (A three-hour movie with all the extra storys from the graphic novels)
  • First dark justice league movie (Origin story in how they formed)
  • Crisis on infinite earths (Written by Mark Wolfman)


  • Solo Doctor Manhattan movie (Sequel to the events of the Watchmen graphic novel, based in modern times)
  • First Teen titans movie (Deathstroke as the main bad guy)
  • Third batman movie (Joker from New 52 Batman and Robin)
  • Second Superman movie (Brainiac as the main bad guy)
  • The Sinestro corps war (Written by Geoff Johns and Dave Gibbons)
  • Final crisis (Written bt Grant Morrison)
  • Second Constantine movie (Angels and demons concept)
  • Storys of the DC multiverse (collaboration of various DC characters from different Earths)
  • Forever evil (Written by Geoff Johns)
  • Blackest night and brightest day (2 different movies one after an other)
  • The dark knight returns (Frank millers graphic novel series – The JLA in the future)
  • The ending to the DC comics universe that got rejected by DC comics  (Civil war where all the non power heros fight the powered heros. Ending superpowers for good)

If this amount of quality superhero movies came out one after the other, I would go and pay to see most of them. This list does not include TV shows or other series as this was a excercise in creating a movie plan for DC Comics. Keep in mind that DC comics does well on TV shows and other series.

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