Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Graydle

You want to steal monsters? You wanna steal many monsters? This is a deck for you. Graydles have good support cards and are a fun deck to use. There is not much limitations to consider when making a Graydle deck.



Gemecial, the sea turtle kaiju

Graydle Slime x3

Graydle cobra x3

Graydle Eagle x3

Graydle Alligator x3

Graydle Slime jr. x3

Neo-spacian grand mole

Maxx ‘C’



Moray of greed

Water hazzard

Swords of revealing light


Graydle impact x2

Salvage x2

Galaxy cyclone


Upstart goblin

Supply squad



Starlight road

Jar of avarince

Graydle split x2

Graydle combat x3

Graydle parasite x2






Number 47 Nightmare shark x2

Levair the sea dragon

Wind up zemmaines

Number 49: Fortune tune

Numver 20: Giga-brillant

Submersible carrier aero

Chronomaly crystal chrononaut


Ally of justice catastor

Armades, keeper of boundaries

Graydle dragon x3

Stardust dragon

Hot red dragon archfiend



Draw cards are Maxx “C’, Graydle impact, upsatart goblin,Supply squad, Jar of avarice and moray of greed.

To get monsters from you deck to the field automatically, use the cards Graydle split and Graydle parasite.

Combo Graydle impact and Graydle Alligator to destroy one card, steal one card and draw a Graydle at the end of the turn.

Best turner card is your Graydle slime jr card. Have one Graydle in your hand and graveyard and you can summon both to pull of a level 8 synchro summon. Summon Graydle dragon or something else relevent.

Salvage after synchro summoning is a good combo, allowing you to do the same thing or something different on the next turn.

Being a water deck you might want to use Number 47: Nightmare shark to make one of your water monsters able to attack your opponent’s life points directly.


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