Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Kaiju

The Godzilla monsters deck. Full of epic effects and some of the best monsters cards out there. These cards are over powered and can compete with any other Yu-gi-oh deck out there.



Jizukiru, the star destroying Kaiju x3

Thunder king, the lightningstrike Kaiju

Dogoran, the mad flame Kaiju x2

Gameciel, the sea turtle Kaiju x3

Gadria, the mystery dust Kaiju

Kumongous, the sticky string Kaiju

Schwarzchild limit dragon x3

Battle fader x2

Aroma jar

Maxx ‘C’



Kyoutou Waterfront x3

The Kaiju files x3

Interrupted Kaiju Slumber x2

Book of eclipse x2

Terraforming x2

Moon mirror shield x3

Advance draw x2

Galaxy cyclone x2



Skill drain

Solemn warning

Solemn strike





Number 107: Galaxy-eyes tachyon dragon

Number 15: Gimmick puppet giant grinder

Divine dragon knight felgrand

Number 38 Hope harbinger dragon titanic galaxy

Hieratic sun dragon overlord of Helipolis



Draw cards are Advance draw, Terraforming, Maxx ‘C’ and The Kaiju files

Use your Kaiju monsters to tribute your opponents monsters and summon a Kaiju to their side of the field. Then you can summon a Kaiju monster to your side of the field.

Kyoutou Waterfront is one of the best field spell cards in the game. Combo it with your Kaiju monsters effects to get Kaiju counters on it.

Gain extra Kaiju counters with the field card by using terraforming and moon mirror shield

Schwarzchild limit dragon and a level 8 Kaiju can be combed to xyz summon a level 8 xyz monster.

Use Book of eclipse and Interrupted Kaiju Slumber on your enemy. They may be able to stop one, but not both. Also Book of eclipse can stop them for a turn doing effects.

Use aroma jar to recover life points lost from your opponent and cards from your deck that requires life points to activate.

Tip – Be careful what Kaiju monster you give to your opponent. They can use your Kaiju counters against you.

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