Paranoid, an album review

An album review by: Lee Sonogan

(1970) 42min/Heavy metal


Nobody wants him / They just turn their heads / Nobody helps him / Now he has his revenge,”. – From: Paranoid, Ironman, Black Sabbath

The second studio album by the English rock band Black Sabbath. To date, Paranoid by Black Sabbath has sold more than five million copies worldwide. It remains the group’s top-selling original studio album. Professional ratings all over the wold has given this album near perfect scores and reviews. Paranoid is often cited as an influential album in the development of heavy metal music.

Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler (from Guitar World magazine, March 2004): “A lot of the Paranoid album was written around the time of our first album, Black Sabbath. We recorded the whole thing in about two or three days, live in the studio. The Song ‘Paranoid’ was written as an afterthought. We basically needed a 3-minute filler for the album, and Tony came up with the riff. I quickly did the lyrics, and Ozzy was reading them as he was singin,”.

The album was not intended to be called Paranoid. The band wanted to call the album “War Pigs,” after another song on the set, but the record company made them use “Paranoid” instead because it was less offensive. The album art, however, is a literal interpretation of a “War Pig,” showing a pig with a sword and shield.

Over the years, Black Sabbath changed and evolved. Putting out great songs such as Children of the grave, Supernaut, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and more. Paranoid remains there greatest album. Each song is amazing in their own way. For the last 40 or so years, each song has continued to appear on movies and covers. Listen to this album loud and in order for a greater experience. I recommend this band to everyone who likes heavy metal, Ozzy and psychedelic sounding music.


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