Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Lightsworn Deck

The ultimate self mill deck. Light monsters with interesting effects and support cards.



Lightray gearfried

Judgment dragon x3

Gragonith, lightsworn dragon

Minerva, lightsworn Maiden x2

Felis, Lightsworn archer x2

Lumiana, lightsworn summoner x3

Lyla, lightsworn sorceress

Wulf, light sworn beast x3

Aurkus, lightsworn druid

Denko Sekka

Heroic challender – Thousand blades

Performage trick clown

Goblindbergh x3



Realm of light

Solar Recharge

Charge of the light brigade

Instant fusion

Twin twister x2


Swords of revealing light

Soul charge

Instant fusion

Foolish burial

Solar recharge

Pot of dichotomy

Reinforcement of the army



Breakthrough skill

Skill prisoner

Royal decree

Call of the haunted

Spiritual swords of revealing light

Jar of avarice

Ghost of a grudge

Rise to full height

The transmigration prophecy





Micheal, the arch-lightsworn x2

Clear wing dragon

Stardust dragon

Stardust spark dragon


Minerva, the exalted lightsworn x2

Number 39: Utopia

Number S39: Utopia the lightening

Minerva, the exalred lightsworn x2

Number 101: Slient honor ARK

Number 82: Heartlandroco

Number 103: Ragnazero

Dark rebellion xyz dragon

Castel, the skyblaster museteer


Elder entity Norden



The ultimate mill deck with many effects to gain for milling cards to the graveyard

Recycle card with Micheal, the arch-lightsworn, jar of avarice and The transmigration prophecy

Draw cards are Reinforcement of the army, Pot of dichotomy and solar charge

Effect cards when milled Wulf, lightsworn beast, Minerva, lightsworn maiden, breakthrough skill, skill prisoner, spiritual swords of revealing light and Rise to full height

Use Goblingbergh, Heroic challenger – thousand blades and Performage trick clown to assist with XYZ and Synchro summonings

Mill your deck to summon Lightray gearfried and Judgement dragons

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