Tunnel Vision

Written by: Lee Sonogan


In the dark,

Lost in thought,

All lanes connect to one.

Everything else is avoided

It is time to move in one direction.

Di… rec… tion!.


All focused on the topic on hand,

In the moment,

I am one with everything I understand,

Moving to the next stage, becoming wise in age,

Ideas come off the of the old frying pan,

Or from forces or fields from space?


Ambition on the mind,

My power is fulfilled by will,

Processes improved as designed,

Alerted like a sudden alarm drill.

Using this time to be more,

Not creating anything would be too great to ignore.


Adrenaline and focus combined,

A personal force that fuels you,

It can make your blind,

or create a breakthrough.

You will be pushed to a time limit,

This will not last forever,

There is no chance to dim it.

Tunnel vision can be a rough endeavour.


It fades into smoke

As it loses meaning

What a joke!

Thoughts begin to start bleeding,

former methods become misleading.

Ideas full of holes,

Holding on to whats left,

Information that is left, just rolls,

Distractions build back up in your chest,

Be glad in everything you could congest.


Come back!

Come back!

Come back…



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