The Great Wall, a movie review

A movie review by: Lee Sonogan

(2016) 1h42min/ Action, Adventure, Fantasy


William: I fought for Harold against the Danes. I saved a Duke’s life. I fought for him until he died. Fought for Spain against the Franks. Fought for the Franks against the Boulogne. I fought for the Pope. Many flags.

IMDB describes the movie as about European mercenaries searching for the black powder that becomes embroiled in the defence of the Great Wall of China against a horde of monstrous creatures. With a budget of one fifty million, it doubled its budget earning $327,747,865 at the box office. The movie stars Matt Damon, William Defoe and Pedro Pascal.

This is the most expensive Chinese film ever made. The majority of the movie was filmed in China and some scenes in New Zealand.  Bryan Cranston was in early talks to join the film but Willem Dafoe took his role. The majority of the movie was filmed in China and some scenes in New Zealand.

Matt Damon and his family spent nearly half a year in China, due to his involvement in ‘ The Great Wall’. Matt Damon was trained in Hungary by Lajos Kassai, a world champion archer and reinventor of horseback archery. Matt Damon has said that there were one hundred Mandarin/English translators on the payroll over the course of this production.

It starts quickly as the heroes are stopped by The Great Wall of China. The monsters attack the wall straight away. This movie has interesting imagery and style that is very Chinese. As the movie develops, it is very fast pace. The action is decent with some brutal scenes. It’s a well-made movie but does not give you much originality. The ending is predictable and very average. I recommend this movie to everyone that just wants a non-stop action CGI fest and is interested in the Chinese style of move making.


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