Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Eyes of Blue Deck

Blue-eyes deck number two. In this deck the Eyes of blue support cards help you alot for special summoning and other effects. If you like the Blue-white dragon, then you should try out this deck.



Blue eyes white dragon x3

Red-eyes darkness metal dragon

Sage with blue eyes

Master with blue eyes

Protector with blue eyes x2

The white stone of ancients x3

The white stone of legend x2

Maiden with eyes of blue x3

Aroma jar



Manolem of white x2


Burst steam of destruction

Twin twister x2

Upstart goblin

Swords of revealing light

Burial from a different dimension

Return of the dragon lords

The melody of awaking dragon

Dragon shrine

Cards of consonance

Dragons mirror

Burst stream of destruction



Dragons rage

Starlight road

Jar of avarice

Solemn warning

Solemn strike x2






First of the dragons

five-headed dragon


Slacker magician x2

Number 78: Number archive

Number 13: Embodiment of crime

Number 31: Enbodiment of punishment

Number 107: Galaxy-eyes tachyon dragon

Hieratic sun dragon overload of heliopolis

Number 100: Numeron dragon


Azure-eyes silver dragon x2

Blue-eyes spirit dragon

Stardust dragon

Stardust spark dragon



Blue-eyes white dragon is the staple of the deck. Used to XYZ or synchro summon. Or used to summon other monsters to the field.

Combo with the Eyes of blue monsters effects to special summon Blue-eyes to the field from the deck, graveyard or hand.

Synchro summon with Blue-eyes and Eyes of blue turner cards to special summon the strongest synchro cards in the deck.

Use Dragons mirror summon a strong dragon fusion and Burial from a different dimension to recover the banished cards.

Draw cards include Upstart goblin, Cards of consonance, terraforming, Jar of avarice and a few effects from the Blue-eyes support cards.



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