125 Interesting adjectives

Adjectives are descriptive words. Writing fiction and creative non-fiction you will need a large vocabulary of adjectives. Adjectives make your words sound more desriptive and interesting.


  1. Puny: Small,tiny,little
  2. Minute: Small, tiny, little
  3. Diminutive: Extremely small, very tiny
  4. Microscopic: Unseen to the naked eye, only seen with a microscope
  5. Petite: Skinny, small, thin
  6. Slight: Small in a degree, inconsiderable
  7. Bitter: Resentment, anger, unjust
  8. Frosty: Cold, distance
  9. Sweltering: Uncomfortably hot
  10. Scorching: Very hot, harsh
  11. Blistering: Heat, forceful
  12. Muggy: Humid, unpleasant weather
  13. Stifling: Constrained, oppressed, very hot
  14. Oppressive: Harsh, authoriatiarian treatment
  15. Cozy: Warm,
  16. Sluggish: Inactive, slow-moving
  17. Dawdling: Slow time, Waste of time, be slow
  18. Meandering: Following
  19. Scarce: Insuffcient, not much left
  20. Copious: Plentiful, abundant
  21. Muffled: Obstructed, muted
  22. Lulling: Calming, healing
  23. Creaky: Someone who makes a creaking sound
  24. Shrill: Voice, sound, high-pitched
  25. Piercing: Shrewdness, keen intelligence
  26. Slimy: Covered by or resembling slime
  27. Grimy: Covered in grime
  28. Gauzy: Thin, translucent
  29. Mangy: Poor conditions, shabby
  30. Swollen: Inflamed, wound change
  31. Parched: Thirsty, dehydrated
  32. Crispy: firm, dry and brittle surface or texture
  33. Spiky: Pointy, sharp
  34. Slick: Smooth and efficient
  35. Graceful: Grace, elegance
  36. Awkward: Feeling of uneasy, inconvenience
  37. Clever: Smart, wise
  38. Obtuse: Insensitive, slow to understand
  39. Anemic: Lacking in colour, spirit or vitality
  40. Frightened: Scared, fearful
  41. Timid: Lack of courage, easily frightened
  42. Vigilant: Careful, planning
  43. Cautious; Potentially dangerous,
  44. Capable: Potential, related experience
  45. Adequate: Acceptable quality
  46. Absent-minded: Inattentive disposition
  47. Adventurous: Risks, new ideas or experiences
  48. Daring: Confident, risky
  49. Indifferent: Neither good or bad
  50. Apologetic: Remorseful,
  51. Hideous: Appearance, ugly,
  52. Horrid: Causing horror, rough
  53. Dreadful: Sickish, weakish
  54. Ghastly: great horror of fear
  55. Revolting: disgust
  56. Nasty: Very bad or unpleasant
  57. Cruel: Beyond disrespect, crossing a line
  58. Cheeky: Lack of respect, politeness, joking
  59. Obnoxious: Extremely unpleasant
  60. Disrespectful: Offensive, offended
  61. Contrary: Opposite in nature, direction or meaning
  62. Ornery: difficult to deal with, bad-tempered
  63. Subtle: Unaware, not in plain sight
  64. Optimistic: Vert positive,
  65. Courageous: Brave
  66. Cowardly: Fearful,
  67. Gullible: Tricked, manipulated
  68. Arrogant: Over confident,
  69. Haughty: Arrogant, superior, disdainful
  70. Naïve: Unaware, ignorant
  71. Curious: Eager to learn or know something
  72. Stubborn: Not change attitude, difficult to move, remove or cure
  73. Brazen: Bold, without shame
  74. Modest: Unassuming,
  75. Humble: A low estimate of ones importance through being modest
  76. Proud: Pride, self-worth
  77. Dishonest: Lies, fake information
  78. Righteous: Justice, divine rights
  79. Greedy: Money, gain
  80. Wise: Smart, knowledge
  81. Tricky: Up to something, misleading
  82. Loyal: Support, allegiance
  83. Relaxed: Comfort, calm,
  84. Tranquil: Free from distractions, calm
  85. Lazy: Unmotivated
  86. Rambunctious: Difficult to control, very active
  87. Erratic: Random, crazy, odd
  88. Fidgety: Shakey, seems distracted
  89. Lively: Full of life, active and outgoing
  90. Still: Motionless, frozen
  91. Famished: Empty, extremely hungry
  92. Surprised: Alerted, alarmed
  93. Startled: Sudden shock or alarm
  94. Sullen: Sulky, depressed mood
  95. Terrified: Fear, terror-stricken, frantic
  96. Furious: Mad, angry, aggressive
  97. Annoyed: Pissed, slightly angry
  98. Groggy: Weak, dazed, unsteady
  99. Alert: High energy, aware of surroundings
  100. Tense: Tight, ridgit
  101. Cranky: Upset, irritable
  102. Gloomy: Dark or poorly lit
  103. Irritable: Easily annoyed, sensitive
  104. Lonely: No friends or company
  105. Exhausted: Tired, overwhelmed
  106. Ecstatic: Overwhelming joy or happiness
  107. Cheerful: Happy and positive emotion
  108. Delighted: Feeling or showing of great pleasure
  109. Blithe: Indifference that is cheerful,
  110. Content: A state of happiness, satisfy
  111. Carefree: free from anxiety or responsibility
  112. Busy: Overworked,
  113. Lazy: Unwilling to use energy
  114. Careless: Thoughtless,
  115. Clumsy: Prone to mistakes,
  116. Nimble: Light on feet
  117. Brave: Courageous
  118. Mighty: Strong, powerful
  119. Meek: Small, tiny
  120. Clever: smart
  121. Dull:Lacking interest or excitement
  122. Afraid:Fear
  123. Scared: Frightened, nervous
  124. Cowardly: Lack of courage
  125. Bashful: Reluctant to draw attention

Here are some words, so put them to use. Words are turds that make us all nerds!

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