Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Monarch Deck

A deck that has no cards in its extra deck. The Monarchs rely on tribute summoning to be summoned. This deck also has lockdown cards that are always fun to use.



Enther the heavenly monarch

Zaborg, the mega monarch

Caius the mega monarch

Erebus the mega monarch


Black luster soilder – envoy of the beginning

Vanity’s fiend x3

Kuraz the light monarch x3

Eidos the underworld squire x3

Mithra the thunder vassal x3

Edea the heavenly squire x3

Maxx ‘c’



The monarchs stormforth

March of the Monarchs

Domain of the true monarchs x3

Panthiem of the monarchs

Return of the monarchs

Swords of revealing light

Tenacity of the monarchs x2

Upstart goblin

Twin twister



The first monarch

Esclation of the monarchs

The prime monarch x2

Solem strike x2






This deck has no extra monster cards in it. Deck is all about tribute summing monsters and there effects to get the advantage.

The cards to tribute cards are Edea the hevenly squire, Eidos the underworld squire, Mithra the thunder vassal, The first monarch and The prime monarch.

Draw cards are Upstart goblin, Tennacity of the monarchs, The prime monarch, return of the monarchs and Kuraz the light monarch.

Use Jinzo and Vanitys fiend to lockdown all special summons and trap cards. Then special summons for the extra deck with the spell field card Domain of the true monarchs.

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