Intoxicated peace

A short story by: Lee Sonogan


All over the world a video comes up on everyone’s favourite social media site. On the screen there’s a live feed off the president of America’s phone. Getting everybodys attention, the feed gets many clicks and views almost immediately. Others just click like and decide to watch it later. It was the weekend and a very unusual night. One group of people more than others. Time is subjective, epically if you have been drinking. Also you should not feed the gremlins after midnight… The first video image as follows started approximately at 1am at night..

The video image at first is muffled and then the sound comes in. “Hello everybody,” he slurred. The shot zooms around and the camera shows a large party going in the background. The men are all in suits and the women are all wearing fancy dresses and business attires. The room is loud and small groups are drinking alcohol and socializing down below. On the second floor you can see everything. Sound of party music draws in. Rhythm shakes the foundation of the structure. With tunes going, no one notices it.

Of all ages, people down below celebrate the night. The presidents breath is heard on the screen. “I have something to tell you all. After meeting with usual business we celebrated after. But then something amazing happened for human kind. We did it people. We negotiated world peace!” said the president of America. Someone walks past making a peace symbol with their hand smiling. The president of America continues to say “We intend to implement major changes to the United Nations and more that will benefit all country’s working as one,”. By now there was hundred of comments on the live feed and the president of America did not decide to look at them.

WOOOOO! yelled young female voices in within the party. “Details will be disclosed tomorrow through various press releases. All motions are being set. All information is agreed upon,” said the American president. An older man in a suit walks into frame and looks into the camera. “What are you doing here..” asked the older man. “Showing the celebration to the people,” replied the American president. “Don’t get ya hopes up sir,” said the older man leaving in a different direction. The American president shakes off the doubters words.

“Anyway… the discussions were full proof. Solid plans to handle world issues. This is history with united purpose and it just feels so good people. This is a time to rejoice in pride so I am going to the bar. Lets have one for a new era of political systems based on peace, love and science,” said the American president walking with the camera. “Wooo peace!” yelled a man drinking and swaying about in frame. The president of America makes it to the bar sits down and pull out a stand on his phone. Places it on the bench and someone trys to make small talk with him. On the live feed it is too loud to hear their conversation. A small tv plays in the back and nobody notices it.

BREAKING NEWS! A man in a suit sits behind a new desk acts seriously during a 3PM news broadcast. The news reporter reads off a screen off camera. “In new developments a bizarre video was posted live just a short time ago. In the video the president of the United states of America,  openly said the all leaders have united in world peace. The video had video footage of the president and many other well-known around the world consuming alcohol and being intoxicated. Then the video ends with a women screaming. It is currently unknown the seriousness of the videos claims and incidents in the video. Stay tuned as we learn more about this infamous party happening right now,” Said the news reporter.

“One minute break,” yelled a voice from backstage. Make up rushes to the news reporter. Used to it, the news reporter does not flinch and gets his phone out. Having a very quick look at social media, the first thing he sees posted is..

Top 10 current social media posts from the infamous political party

In history there has never been anything like it. We did not get much information. Is this peace real or are our leaders bull-shitting us all? Who knows what happened at the end of that video and what is being discussed now.

  1. Man I never thought we could actually agree on a plan that creates peace. – President of Mexico, Pena Nieto
  2. I knew we had the resources to make this happen one day – King of Sweden, Carl Lofven
  3. We are all just people and we should have peace for everybody – President of Switzerland, Doris Berset
  4. Finally we have a chance to control all conflicts in Africa – President of South Africa, Zuma Jacobson
  5. The scientists were always right. Through their methods we can sustain methods of peace to a greater degree – President of Germany, Walter Frank
  6. I got into politics to make a difference and be a part of change like this – President of Canada, Bob Trudeau
  7. The day society become civilized.. truly.. – Emperor of Japan, Akihito Abe
  8. In the end all of us are dreamers and hippies at our core – President of Jamaica, Holness Andrews
  9. I believe in the power of positivity, the quantum physics that binds us and that we must strive for a utopia if we are all to be more – President of France, Francois Cazeneuve
  10. Consciousness is a funny thing. Tonight I think everyone has agreed upon the next step of evolution and growth of all the futurists and the so-called nuts/lunatics we did not listen too – President of China, Jinping Xi

A women’s scream screeches out through the room. The room goes silent. Then picks up with sound again. People surround the women. Little did everybody know someone was dead on the floor. Over the loud music people notice the women clutching at her dead friend. Peoples minds assume what must have happened too her. One person at the party notifies a security guard. The live feed of the president of Americas phone is turned off as he notices the people gathering away from the bar.

Looking down from the second floor you could see a few men carrying a stretcher towards the gathering of people. He hears a conversation behind him at the bar. “That’s a bad start to peace,” said a president in an italian accent. “You fucking what mate!” yelled the president of Australia. “I ain’t your friend, mate,” said a president in an italian accent. The president is concerned and decides to find some other fellow presidents that were making sense. He had a feeling of a bad vibe in the room. The room is louder than the music.

Aggression build up within each other. After what they did today, everybody could not handle a death like this. Someone in control of the building turned of the music and a lot of the lights. People left in droves shoving each other. Arguments grow like a virus with people remaining in the room. Hearing it all, the president did not dare to remind his colleagues their past progress. He knew it was gone. “You can not have absolute peace with a god dam nazi,” yelled Polish president. “You do not have absolute peace without Germany and its methods,” replied the German president. The American president trys to get in-between them but both foreign presidents push him back and continue to talk smack intoxicated.

All conversations were similar. Each president compared what they had and doubted everyone elses abilities. Traditions, methods, military power, personal rumours, ideologically, and so much more were thrown at each other. The America president feels its his duty to join in. Then remembers all the people in his own country that has influences over him. Humanity comes over him as he remember the peace they once had and his own similar position stuck in political power. He rubs his face and head with his hands. Frustrated, he is at his breaking point. Sweat breaks out on his face.

“I am ending this. I have had enough.. Lets try again tomorrow,” thought the America president leaving the building. He follows the remaining lights until he found himself outside. The night outside is dark and cold. Like inside, people were gathered in discussion. All communications for world peace and growth seemed lost. Stubbornness and opinion gets even more aggressive. “Cops please come to this address we need someone to calm the situation,” yelled a man into his phone. Two man have a shoving match over an irrelevant idea. Walking to an empty bench looking at the private building he takes out a new can from his jacket and cracks it open. Tired, with nothing left to do, he sits back and watches the show. Sirens in the distance calm him as he feels personally safe on the bench by himself.

The end

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