My predictions of the future

I am making this list for a fun writing exercise. With predictions of current trends and cultures and a little bit of imagination, you can think of many ideas of what could possibly happen in the future.



  • Robots/automation
  • Flying cars and other vehicles
  • Realist virtual reality
  • Hologram movies and tv shows
  • Hologram video game tournaments online or tv
  • Computers in our eye lids
  • New internet that seems like a realistic dimension without governing limitations
  • Merging human body’s with implants and other impressive technology
  • Hybination technology to successfully freeze yourself for the future
  • Moving pathways in certain places
  • Public transportation portals
  • Absolute realistic quality video image
  • Advanced AI and computing power
  • Customizable houses and buildings
  • Large machines to create structures and move structures
  • 3D printed food and liquids
  • 3D projected structures


  • It would be trendy to watch stuff from the past
  • Creating anything with technology
  • Learning new skills and information
  • Real life quidditch
  • Robot fights and competitions
  • Protecting animals from extinction
  • More influenced in trying something new
  • Strategy games become more popular
  • Growing your own food
  • Public have the power to vote in a public decision
  • Interests in science
  • Collaborations in projects
  • Rise in socializing though video games
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • More collecting and sharing of ideas and items
  • Exercising with new machines
  • Exploring the ocean in a personal submarine
  • Exploring sky structures
  • Exploring underground tunnels and search for rare minerals


  • Solar power roads
  • Use of alternative energy sources
  • Citys on the ocean and underground
  • Citys that are automated and can be more easier to repair
  • Projects in deserts by creating rivers and making fertile soil
  • The people have choices to make any decision become a public vote
  • More businesses are done locally and done more cost efficiently
  • Irrelevance of current day free speech is turned into more scientific methods of information and discussion
  • As the world would grow, more socialism methods based on science will be more available to the public
  • Personally ideologically will be less and less in politics
  • Delegating of machines worldwide
  • Improved conditions to improve health of overall humans
  • Something is done about Climate change
  • Technology to clean the ocean


  • Terraform planets to live on
  • Colonys on the moon and other Earth conditioned planets
  • Gathering resources from asteroids and other planets
  • Discovering alien DNA
  • Discovering whats on the other side of a black hole
  • Faster ways to travel in space
  • Reality shows in space
  • More definite information on the reality of space through good science
  • More technology in space to create better internet and useful signals
  • You can pay to blow up an asteroid
  • Space farm machines
  • Airships over Venus
  • Submarines on planets with oceans
  • Advanced models of crafts for deep exploration
  • Possible signs of past intelligent life


  • More knowledge available to the public
  • More connect socially and online
  • More mixed races in the generations to come
  • Reach a gender equality where everybody treats each other with respect unless they are harmed in any way
  • You are free to believe in what you want and do what you want unless it harms anyone in any way
  • Even more people in China and India
  • Non lethal teleportation guns
  • We will understand what creates dreams in vivid detail
  • Schools that teaches kids for different needs
  • Horror movies based on true events of the past
  • Improvements in medicine and health methods
  • Everyone is in tune about personal purpose
  • There is less need for warehouses
  • Nanobots and shrinking of technology
  • Art continues to push all boundaries
  • End of poverty by logical management of all the food of the world and scientific discoverys
  • Conflict solved other than the use of war or violence
  • Eventually create a world utopia that lasts for many years

These are some of my predictions of a positive future that we can achieve. What do you think of my predictions?

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