Rick and Morty Volume 1, a graphic novel review

A graphic novel review by: Lee Sonogan

(2015 ) Graphic novel / TV show


“It’s like a game of baseball but the ball hovers maybe! or it could be like a weird type of basketball but maybe it’s played underwater, I’m not really sure! Goodnight folks!”  – Alien news reporter

Went into Melbourne and picked up one of these bad boys. With the show being quite possible being my favourite animated tv series ever, I had to buy it. It is written by Zac Gorman and art is done by CJ Cannon. With one hundred and twenty-three pages, you will want to read the whole thing in a night.

Storywise, it’s full of jokes in-between texted burps of Rick. Straight from the start they mess with Jerry strong. Then all the chapters go into interesting topics while somewhat relating to each other. Overall each chapter seems like a solid short story more than a developing story. The art style to the show is different for the graphic novel. Still… each image tells the story in a creative way and interesting way.

Extras in this graphic novel are great too. After the main story theres shorts from possible other realitys and dimensions. First its a short Summer story, then an alternative Rick and Morty, then Jerry and finally a Beth story. Unrelated, I read the whole book in an hour and twenty minutes including breaks.

Overall, just finishing it, I wanted more. I need volume 2. This Rick and Morty compared to the show is similar but goes into different types of themes and storys. The ending does not lead into a sequel but, leads into a good ending. I hope in the next one its starts developing a stronger story in the overall book series. I recommend the graphic novel to people who love the show and likes the shows type of humour.


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