Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Lockdown Deck

One way to win in a Yu-gi-oh duel is to stop your opponent for activating their cards. Then attack them directly with no worry of a counter move. Lockdown spells, traps, special summons and more.



Horus the black flame dragon LV 4 x3

Horus the black flame dragon LV 6 x3

Horus the black flame dragon LV 8 x3

Red-eyes darkness metal dragon

Barrier statue of the inferno x2

Aroma jar x2

Fire hand x2

Ice hand x2

Rescue rabbit

Blazing Inpachi x2

Ultimate baseball kid

Maxx ‘c’



Level up x2

Level modulation

Swords of revealing light


Soul charge

Card trader

Instant fusion

Messenger of peace

Dragon’s mirror

Molten destruction

Graveyard of the forth dimmension



Royal Decree x3

Dragons rage

Starlight road





elder enity Norden

Five-headed dragon

First of the dragons


Stardust dragon


Number 39: Utopia x2

Number S39: utopia the lightening x2

Number S39: Utopia Prime

Number 103: Ragnazero

Daigusto emral

Dark rebellion xyz dragon

Queen dragun djinn

Number 82: Heartlandraco

Castel, the skyblaster musketeet



Best monsters are Red-eyes darkness metal dragon, Five-headed dragon, Number S39 Utopia the lightening, Horus the black dragon LV 8 and more.

Draw cards are self mill in the most effective way. Fire/ice hand summoning from deck. Spell card called Level up, Horus effect by itself, then Card trader allows you to switch out a card that should be in the deck for a new card.

Recycle cards are Soul charge, The graveyard of the fourth dimension, and Daigusto emral.

USe Horus the black flame dragon LV 8 and Royal decree to lockdown all opponents spell and trap cards. The Barrier statue of the inferno on the field to stop special summons other than fire monsters.

Use Dragons rage to inflict what you can to your opponent if you attack a defense monster with a dragon type monster of your own.

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