71 End of the world tips

Now these are just tips if the world ended in one huge event. Advice and information that I would do if society broke down. And tips to be prepared for it if it would happen.

End of the World

  1. Create a survival bag and plan for the unexpected.
  2. Resource everything about survival.
  3. Watch doomsday prepers for ideas.
  4. Become an end of the world prepper.
  5. Determine safe locations to go to before the event.
  6. Stock up on supplies before hand.
  7. Keep all the equipment needed in one place.
  8. Always have a jerrycan and more equipment if you escape by car.
  9. If you can, try to turn on the news and get the information you can.
  10. Have knowledge of the skills you will need to gain the basic needs of a human.
  11. Learn how to locate clean supplys of water from rivers and extra.
  12. Learn how to get water from animals.
  13. Learn how to get water from plants.
  14. Do not eat any plant with out knowledge or information from a book.
  15. Learn how to make a good shelter.
  16. Learn how to start your own fire.
  17. Create a defensive barrier around your shelter with barriers and traps.
  18. Do not have a light going at night.
  19. Learn how to fish for food and prepare it.
  20. Accept that you will most likely need to hunt for food.
  21. Do not attempt to cook up slugs or snails as they could have long worms or other diseases in it.
  22. Learn to preserve your food.
  23. Create weapons to hunt and defend your self.
  24. Collect and clean skins and furs to make things out of it.
  25. Learn from maps and terrains.
  26. Make your own maps.
  27. When traveling on foot, know your own endurance.
  28. Always travel wearing good quality shoes and socks to protect your feet.
  29. Make your own compass.
  30. Make use of the moon for direction.
  31. Be aware of weather signs of your current location.
  32. Make predictions from wildlife, sound and smell, fireside clouds and much more.
  33. Be aware of other people’s traps.
  34. Be aware of written messages.
  35. Remain in places with familiar/acceptable climate zone.
  36. If you were to go to a different climate zone, wear the correct clothing of that zone.
  37. Do not trust everybody you meet.
  38. Test them by asking direct questions about their experience of the end of the world.
  39. Ask about all the gossip.
  40. Learn skills from other survivors.
  41. Brainstorm with other survivors.
  42. Establish a leader when with other survivors.
  43. Loot, hunt and gather resources with other survivors.
  44. Learn how to make temporary stretchers and furniture with/for other survivors.
  45. Determine if you are going to remain save in your group.
  46. Collect ropes and lines for future long-term shelters.
  47. Create your own lines and ropes with sources of fibre.
  48. Have some knowledge of knots to uses the ropes or lines.
  49. Long time shelter could be on an island for safety and resources.
  50. Long term shelter will need latrines and rubbish disposal.
  51. Have made alarms or detectors in your long-term shelter to be aware of intruders.
  52. Grow a garden and attempt to grow food for yourself.
  53. Avoiding having an animal as some sort of pet, unless you plan to eat it.
  54. A hammock my be useful at your long time shelter.
  55. Mark your long time home.
  56. Explore a cave carefully and use it as a back up shelter.
  57. Learn the skills from all mixed martial arts.
  58. Have knowledge of basic first aid.
  59. Knowledge of wounds and dressings.
  60. Knowledge of how to handle burns.
  61. Know what to do if you get a fracture.
  62. Be able to identify natural medicine.
  63. Practise mediation.
  64. Become one with nature.
  65. Implement methods to keep your sanity.
  66. Create a journal.
  67. Learn from your mistakes.
  68. Stay calm.
  69. Try to start a new civilization.
  70. Never giver up
  71. Do not allow yourself to doubt yourself

71 tips to survive the end of the world. Your choice to do these things if the end of the world would happen.

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