Yu-Gi-Oh deck and combos: The winged dragon of Ra

A deck wth one of the strongest Egyptian god cards.



The winged dragon of Ra x2

The winged dragon – Immortal phoenix

The winged dragon of Ra – sphere mode’

Lava golem

Ra’s Disciple x3

Wattdragonfly x3

Watthopper x3



Swords of revealing light

Soul charge

Mound of the bound creator

Twin twister x2

Reversal quiz x2

The true name x3

Card advance x3

Inferno reckless summon x2

The monarchs storm forth

Upstart goblin




Metal reflect slime x3

Hope for escape

Jar of avarice

Royal decree x2

Three card






No extra monster cards required. The whole deck is used to summon The wing dragon of ra and do the most damage as possible.

OTK with by summon three of the same monsters to the field. Tribute them or use Card advance to tribute summon The winged dragon of Ra. The with just The winged dragon of Ra you can win in one turn by using life points to activate its effects.

You can also special summon or draw The winged dragon of Ra from the deck with The true name then the card Card advance.

The winged dragon – Immortal phoenix can be summoned if The winged dragon of Ra is destroyed on the field while The winged dragon – Immortal phonix is in the graveyard. Discard it to the graveyard with Twin twisters and…

When have low life points use Reversal quiz to have a one in a third chance of switching life points with your opponent. It also activates The winged dragon – Immortal phoenix effect to be summoned on the field.

To ensure that your monster will be safe, use Mound of the bound creator, swords of revealing light and Royal decree to protect your monsters.