Rat in a maze

A short story by: Lee Sonogan


In the dark lit room, it was quiet. Walls of white surround him behind the interior of his home. Quenching his thirst, his little body and mind were happy. Contant with what he has, he demands a place to rest. The ground would be transformed into a place of sleep. He was confident in his skills in doing so. Doing it regularly, he enjoyed it. Being so small compared to everything else, he had knowledge of what he could do.

Tearing of paper as he trys to get comfortable in a cage. The newspaper covers him and he feels safe in what he has created. He is covered in his fortress and is safe. Curled up in a ball he makes small sounds that are unnoticeable. An ant walks into his little burrow. With one claw he flicks it away.  Tiredness comes over him. His eyes are half-shut. With one eye shut now, one remains waiting.

He hears voices. They seem familiar but he knows he can not understand it. Breath is under control. Eyes are now both half open. “Somebody wants to play?” he thinks. The voices are closer to his home. Sticking his head out he sees his friend and master of foods. He remembers smells from the past looking back in his burrow. Quickly he puts his head out again of the other side. The burrow changes shape.

Hinges open up in his little world. This was his opportunity out in the beyond land. Dailey he was allowed out there. A another master enters the room and creates light. At the opening, he takes one last look at his home. He turns around looking at the ground. Then a tight grip goes around him. Scared, he hangs on the best he can. His breathing is slightly limited. Moving in motion he sees land. As he moved toward the ground he jumps to the ground in triumph.

In the new environment he looks around in all directions. Breath returns to him. Along a wall it leans against a wall on he hind legs. He is unknown to his new environment. Reaches as far as he can he can and knows climbing out gonna work. Walls he sees. Spinning around he does not know where to go. Then a masters hand gently pats him and slightly pushes him to make a decision.

What is this place? it did not know. Directionless he walks on all fours in one path. He is cautious. Feeling lost and unfamiliar, it comes to the first corner. Looking around it he now truly knows that he is being challenged. He could explore his own dungeon. excitement fills up his belly.  Quicker along the path, he finds more paths. He sniffs each entrance. Then he backtracks and commits to a new path.

He stops in his tracks to look up. A big face looks down at him. The face, connected to its arms was holding something. He wish he could hold something of that size. Taking his time, he moves forward. Also backtracking, learning his new environment. He knew nothing of the concept of time. Surroundings become more familiar as he learnt to avoid some dead ends.

This path was different. Finding a new area, he sits and looks around. The walls stretched out and the floor was full of liquid. Even the path was narrower. Now looking down at the narrow path, motion of a shadow swims below. He looks at the shadow as it swims under the narrow path to both sides. “No time to make a friend,” he thought.

The moment takes over and he darts over the bridge. On the other side the walls were different. Tones of color were written on the walls. Smelling it, it seemed like some magic to him. Looking in a distance he sees a string. Rushing over to it he gives it a little chew. A dead-end stands in front of him. It feels like chewing a bit more.

A smell stings his nostrils. His whiskers twitch. It is close. He prize, His reward. Light on his feet, he moves against the dead-end. His mouth is moist. His belly becomes hungry again. Trying to climb the wall, it fails. He spins in a circle trying to process. Chewing helps him think.

“Old chewy thing, what is next?” he thought. Then he thought about backtracking with ‘My string’. Implementing a plan, he puts it into effect. With a pull of his mouth, he runs in the other direction. To his surprise he hears something behind him. With ‘Thy string’ still in his mouth he sees the wall is gone. The dead-end is now on the ground. He follows the smells along the path.

There it was right in front of him. The yellow solid form excited him. In delight he admires its texture and odors. The treasure was encased in a bowl. The walls were far away but to him seemed narrow. There was only one logical path. Hunger arose within him. Above he is aware that he is being watched.  All external thoughts direct him forward. He could not resist any longer.

A mechanism clicks. Sphere material starts to inflate their the bowl of his reward. Hiding in the bowl he nibbles are that tasty yellow. String pulls at the foundation of the bull. Levitation it was. Carefully looking over the bowl, he floats away from the maze of walls. Still looking around he sees home. instinctively he reaches for it. Pushed back by loves hand, he floats in his magic flying food ship.

Biting deep into the mellow yellow, every bite made him want more. Gliding the food ship moves closer to his home. Then it bumps into it. Without noticing the guiding hand, it jumps back its home. “Where was I,” he thought. He reaches his grounded home he made him self. With his requirements done for the day he curls up tight in his burrow. Light becomes dark. He waits until it becomes light again, resting and falling asleep.

The end

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