Terminator 2: Judgement Day, a movie review

A movie review by Lee Sonogan

(1992) 2h17min /Action, sci-fi, thriller


The Terminator: I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.
Cigar Biker: You forgot to say please…

The first Arnold Schwarzenegger movie reviewed on this blog, The sequel of the original Terminator movie. With a budget of $102 million, it made over $500 million at the box office. With the film’s domestic box office adjusted for inflation, it is the top-grossing R-rated action film of all time. James Cameron was paid five million dollars to return to direct the film. He also helped to produce and write the movie. Credit to Edward Furlong and Linda Hamilton for bringing good acting to the movie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t sure initially about the Terminator not being able to kill people. He suspected the studio was trying to soften the violence like in Conan the Destroyer. He felt that had destroyed the Conan franchise, and didn’t want to see it happen with this series as well, but since Terminator 2 was rated R, he relaxed a little. Given Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fifteen million dollar salary and his total of seven hundred words of dialogue, he was paid 21,429 dollars per word. “Hasta la vista, baby” cost 85,716 dollars. The sound used for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s shotgun is actually two cannons.

For its time, it was the best action movie of all time. Until Mad Max: Fury Road was made in 2015, this was the only sequel to win an Academy Award when the previous instalment (s) received no nomination. The development of its story from the first one to its real-life stunts is more impressive than the first one. The ending is a classing last scene with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character sinking into molten lava contained in a factory. I recommend this movie to fans of the original, Old school movies and originators of the genre.

The Terminator: Hasta la vista, baby.



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