Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Black Luster Soldier

The Black luster soldier was used in the  animated series by Yugi Mutou . They now have more support and monster cards. The warrior deck consists of light and dark attribute monsters.



Black luster soldier – Super soldier x3

Black luster soldier – Envoy of the beginning

Black luster soldier – Sacred soldier

Charging Gaia the fierce knight

Arisen Gaia the fierce knight

Evening Twilight knight x2

Beginning knight x2

Rescue Rabbit

Mystery shell dragon

Electromagnetic Turtle

Maxx ‘C’

Thunder king Rai-oh

Manju if the ten thousand hands



Gateway of chaos

Twin twister x3

One day of peace

Instant fusion

Rank-up barbarian force


Soul charge

Super charge Synthesis x2

Advanced ritual art

Reinforcement of the army

Ritual cage

Supply squad



Fiendish chain

Breakthrough skill

Jar of avarice

Solemn warning

XYZ reborn





Elder entity Norden


Number 107: Galaxy-eyes tachyon dragon

Number 39: Utopia

Number S39: Utopia the lightning

Daigusto emral

Castel, the skyblaster musketeer

Number 66: Master key bettle

Dark rebellion xyz dragon

Dark requiem xyz dragon

Number 101: Slient honor ARK

Number C101: Slient honor DARK

Number 80: Rhapsody in berserk

Number C80: Requiem in berserk

Gagaga cowboy

Number 103: Ragnaero



Black luster soldier – Super soldier, Black luster soldier – Envoy of the beginning and Black luster soldier – Sacred soildier are the best monsters in the deck.

Use Rank-up barbarian force to summon three upgrades to the XYZ monsters. Use Rank-up with XYZ reborn to get an upgrade too.

Draw cards are Supply squad, One day of peace, Reinforcement of the army, Gateway of chaos, Jar of avarice, and Maxx ‘C’. You can also use Rescue rabbit, Advanced art ritual and Super charge Synthesis to mill the deck effectively.

Use Twin twisters to destroy spell and trap cards and discard a monster or other card to the graveyard to recycle or special summon to the field.

Use Ritual cage for a guarantee good offensive with the ritual card Black luster soldier – Super soldier

Also use Gaia the fierce knight cards could be helpful for drawing more cards.

This deck may be fun to use but, I would not recommend using it competively at a toutament. This deck is also fun to use in a tag deck.

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