The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a video game review

A video game review by: Lee Sonogan

(2017) Animation, action, adventure, drama, fantasy


One of the first games to come out with the new Nintendo Switch. I bought it in a deal with the Nintendo Switch cheaper then the other main consoles when they launched. If you did not know, all Zelda games are based in a multiverse. This fact allows to make changes to each game with different features and storys. The game has been successful. Five websites rate it 10/10. In this review I will comment on everything about this game and slowly define what a 10/10 or lower rating truly is.

To began, there is a very quick tutorial/instructions, then you are free to explore. After collecting the four new powers in trails, you are now free to do it all. Keep in mind that some areas are dangerous and you might need more equipment. Out through the game there are many trails which are mostly a bunch of puzzles. Get a spirit orb once you complete a trail and you are rewarded with important items and upgrades.

The gameplay is epic. With the many different swords, shields and bows you can get, you will have a fun time. Each of those weapons have a different up grades to them as well. Throwing your weapon at the enemy is a nice feature to. Also aiming with the bow is near perfect with the joycons. More weapons include axes, spears, sticks, torches, farming hoes and so much more every day items. You can also obtain the Master sword in this game.

There is still rupees to collect in this game. But just a lot more random items you can find everywhere. Since weapons wear down, it is nice to find stuff to stock up on. You need to stock up on food. The AI in this game is good and some of their attacks will kill you in one shot if you’re not careful. There is also equipment that gives you more defense and abilities. Drop by a clothes shop or do missions and see.

The AI for enemy’s and boss battles are really good and challenging. Most reward you with a chest or other rewards. Then there’s the missions to get to these places where fights are. Side quests and remembering missions are also important to in completing the game and good rewards. Sometimes if you play with dogs, they could lead you to something good.

Now the story is full of many different things. There is many cut scenes and speeches in the game. Some of it even has voice acting in it. One part of the story is that you don’t remember anything at the start. With the Sheikah slate, you recover images of your past. Walking into an area of one of these images starts a flashback cut scene. Then there is more cut scenes as you do the bigger missions for the Divine beasts.

The Sheikah slate also gives you interesting superpower abilities. They are used for puzzles and also battles. You have the sphere and square bombs, magnet power, freezing time power and freezing water power. In battle, use the magnet to steal opponents weapons and hit them with metal blocks. Or you can use it for buried treasure chests. Then freezing power is useful for getting the advantage over your enemy.

This game is truly one of the most fun open world games that I have ever played. Solo adventure games are hard to make and this game nailed it. If they make a Pokemon open world game to this scale, Nintendo fans will have their dream come true. I have not finished the game yet, just had to review it anyway. I think I am close to beating it with three more Divine beast dungeons to go.  I recommend this game to all Zelda fans, new to Zelda, new to the Nintendo Switch, fans of open world games, and to people who want to play a next-generation game. The rating I gave for it so far is pretty good, but could potentially be more when I complete the game.


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