Yu-Gi-Oh deck and combos: Exodia the forbidden one deck – FTK/OTK

Remember the five-part Yu-gi-oh cards and if you get all of them, then you win? Well here is a deck where you are able to win on the first turn. If not, very soon after. One of the worst decks to play against and is a dog deck. Fun to use to see people rage though.



Exodia the forbidden one

Right leg of the forbidden one

Left leg of the forbidden one

Right arm of the forbidden one

Left arm of the forbidden one

Royal magical library x3



Upstart goblin

Pot of duality

Magical mallet x3

Toon table of contents x3

Toon world

Reload x3

Magical citadel of endymion x3

Terraforming x2

Spell power grasp x3

Broken bamboo sword x3

Golden bamboo sword x3

One day of peace

Dark world dealings x2

Dark factory of mass production

Messenger of peace x2







The purpose of this deck is to get all five Exodia cards to your hand.

Royal magical library is your main monster you need to get all the Exodia cards in one shot

Magical citadel of endymion, a spell field card needs to be on the field to double the amount of cards drawn with Royal magical library

Then with those two cards up, keep activating spell cards to gain spell counters. Then exchange the counters to draw cards.

Broken bamboo sword and Golden bamboo sword work together to draw an extra two cards while giving your monster spell counters.

Dark factory of mass production is if you do not manage to win in the first three turns and you lose some Exodia cards. The only recycle card in the deck.

Use Magical mallet effectively to keep the Exodia cards in your hand and replace other cards with new ones.

Take your time to ensure the rage of your opponent.