My bucket list

Been thinking of making this list for a little bit now. The following list is what I want to do before I die. Under 100 listed so far.


  1. Publish my first book.
  2. Skydiving.
  3. Go to space.
  4. Sit on a Jury
  5. Obtain a mentor or Sensai.
  6. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  7. Go on a cruise.
  8. Write my will.
  9. Plant a tree in a place that will grow until it dies forever.
  10. Build a treehouse.
  11. Own my own house.
  12. Sleep/party in a castle.
  13. Climb mount Everest.
  14. Walk across hot coals.
  15. Fly in a private jet.
  16. Visit a different country with spending cash.
  17. Obtain the ability of being comfortable recording my own voice.
  18. Front seat at a Wrestlemania.
  19. Selling my first screenplay.
  20. Explore a cave.
  21. Jump of a cliff into water or net.
  22. Achieve a form of enlightenment or clarity.
  23. Get Joe Rogan to personally walk me through DMT and provide me with it.
  24. Somehow have a sesh with Serj Tankian
  25. Meet Jasque Fresco before he dies.
  26. Define and understand what love is, one on one with a partner
  27. Eat fire.
  28. Milk a cow.
  29. Sleep on a haystack in a stable.
  30. Experience being in the snow.
  31. Attempt snowboarding.
  32. Receive 1 fan letter.
  33. Give blood.
  34. Donate semen.
  35. Be an organ donor.
  36. Make an impact to the world with my writing somehow
  37. Give something to a homeless person.
  38. Save an animal from being abandoned.
  39. Take a IQ test.
  40. Learn CPR.
  41. Write a life story.
  42. Collaborate with someone in writing.
  43. Create a treasure hunt with some of my treasure.
  44. Have drinks at an ice bar.
  45. Stomp some grapes.
  46. Go to a dinner theater.
  47. Ride a mechanical bull.
  48. Read a book before the movie
  49. Attend a film premiere.
  50. Walk on stilts.
  51. Pick a lock.
  52. Slide down a firehouse pole.
  53. Golf 18 holes.
  54. Go on a submarine.
  55. Visit a ghost town.
  56. Stay at an underground water hotel.
  57. Learn a musical instrument
  58. A aquarium with new water pets.
  59. Find my perfect hat to wear.
  60. More tattoos that have meaning to me.
  61. Go to the Melbourne aquarium.
  62. Drive a tank.
  63. Achieve a corkscrew flip on a trampoline.
  64. Watch a movie/tv show before it was available to the public.
  65. Make a wall of Yu-gi-oh cards with I am older.
  66. Improve in my hand drawing.
  67. Keep writing in my Journal and store all of it.
  68. Attend a lecture by Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
  69. Rock a well-groomed mohawk.
  70. Make everyone around me better.
  71. Be beyond content in happiness and life.

When I have more ideas I will revise this list, add more and cross out things that I have done like this.

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