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Guest: Max DC


Today I have a written interview for you with one of my friends, Max DC. He is a  talented musician and has many interests and hobbies. Born on the 28th of February, 1992 he went to Korumburra secondary college for VCE. I met Max in the later years of my high school a year before him. Since however long I have known him, he was an interesting dude.

First of, what did you do today?

Cleaned my room, played the (Video game) Splatoon 2 global testfire and practiced the piano for about 6 hours haha, now after this im going to study.

Can you tell my audience a little about your self?

I am a 25-year-old multi instrumentalist; gamer; student; nerd; science geek; vegan who is addicted to watching SJW fails haha.

Fair enough answer. What are some of your nicknames?

Toast face.

That it?

Yeah haha, my name is Max so I don’t have many nicknames.

Lets talk a bit about video games. What is your prefered video game system?

At the moment I am absolutely loving the switch! I feel like PC is at the other end of the gaming spectrum and between them they have all bases covered! Although I say that I have all the consoles and handhelds and I am loving my PS4 more and more with all the exclusives coming out; just wish it was backwards compatible or at least had digital versions of all my favourite PS1 and PS2 games! Xbox is dead compared to its glory days but I wish it was a strong as the other consoles and had exclusives I was interested in.

Speaking of the switch… you have a Nintendo switch. How much do you play the Nintendo switch on trains/handheld?

I played it a bit on the Vline (bus services) but doing anything on the Vline apart from listening to music makes me sick haha but I spend most of my time with the Switch in bed haha.

I play it in bed too. Describe why one of the launch games of the Nintendo Switch, The legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild is one of the best Zelda games ever made?

Well first of all I’ve played over 40 hours so far and have only just got my first divine beast! I have spent most of my time exploring and completing the map! (which I have) I will comment on the fact that BOTW is the first game that I have felt was actually an open world where I could do anything I wanted! You can go anywhere and climb anything!!!! The only game that comes close to this level of openness is Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U. All the gameplay mechanics are amazing as well! As far as the story goes I’m just starting to get into it now so I’ll have to reserve my judgement for later!.

Nice points. What do you want to be on the Nintendo switch in the future?

As far as unannounced games go: Metroid Prime 4 F-Zero More Square Enix exclusives Cross overs An amiibo based game Animal Crossing Bayonetta 3!!!!!!!!!! Xenoblade Chronicles X 2 A GOOD MARIO PARTY and VC ! And a 2 player co-op zelda game like tri force heros but on the same screen where 2 people use 1 joy-con each.

Last Nintendo themed question. What is your favourite Pokemon from all the series?

Pokemon game or Pokemon Pokemon?

Both now !

Probably Fire Red and Mewtwo.

What music are you listening to now/currently?

Car Bomb’s Meta album Blink-182 Mudvayne Halo 1 and 2 OST’s A Perfect Circle Buckethead Linkin Park The Corrs Bloc Party Meshuggah.

You have an album out called Final Boss, whats your favourite track of the album?

It’s not much of an album its more of a test haha but I like Brawl and Frost Beast.

If you could create one song that would get famous, what type of genre would you say it would be?


Whats the music genre of the future?

Depends on the tech and zeitgeist of the future.

What musical instrument do you prefer playing?

I am 08791275192435 times better at drums than all my other instruments combined but I like playing them all equally as they all fulfill different musical needs.

Being talented on many instruments, whats one instrument that you want to learn to play?

Well I want to get better at piano and vocals but I also want to learn the didgeridoo, tabla, more percussion in general and cello

Can you write me a random rhyme of anything off the top of your head?

dulka dulka dulka dulka. That’s from the song Bleed made by the band Meshuggah

What songs/bands do you recommend to the average person?

anything you don’t usually listen to, anything that you find unusual or anything that challenges you.

You’re a music teacher, tell me a story of your worst student

A chick who after a year of lessons couldn’t even clap along to music..

Tell me a story about your best student

Well my best student is probably myself and the story of that is a long, challenging and complex one!

How are you going in your audio engineering course at uni?

I’m going pretty good! the hardest part is getting up a 6 for it. and being on public transport for like 4 hours a day.

Do you collect anything I do not know about?

I don’t really collect anything physical haha.

What genre of movies/tv shows do you like?

Anime, sci-fi, cyberpunk, fantasy, comedy.

Can you recommend any tv shows or movies to watch?

Watch Ghost in the Shell before the new film comes out and possibly ruins it haha also the original Oldboy, Death Note, Everything from Studio Ghibli.

What is the most random thing you’ve ever watched all the way through on Netflix?

Locked Up.

Would you ever write a guest post on my blog and what would it be about?

Maybe haha uhhh.. no Idea.

If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?

Big bang.. if it even happened haha.

What questions do you hate to answer?

Ones I’m not interested in? haha

What would hurt more? A gun bullet through the shoulder or a non lethal stabbing?

no idea haha

If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?


If civilisation were to be reset back to primates what 5 items would you leave in hope to create the future?

4 Computers and the internet and all its content up till now.

Interesting choice unless their minds tell them to destroy it haha, final hypothetical question. One album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Black Sabbath’s Paranoid minus Paranoid haha.

What is your earliest memory?

Having my first nightmare.. it was where I witnessed Batman being run over by a steam roller haha.

Sounds intense. When do you go to sleep?

At the moment like 10 haha.

When do you usually wake up?

At the moment either 6 or 8.

DC comics or Marvel?

DC every time.

What is something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to?


You have some recordings of your music, when are you going to release your solo stuff to the public?

Once I finish my course and can release it myself.

When have you felt your biggest adrenaline rush?

On shrooms haha.

Are you still learning who you are?

You are always learning who you are because you are always learning and changing.

Do you have any enemies?

not that I know of haha.

 Who are your heroes and why?

Jacque Fresco, Bill Hicks, Doug Stanhope, Terrence McKenna, B.F Skinner, Stuart Chase, Alfred Korzybski, Laurence Krauss, Peter Joseph, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens.. every musician I have ever listened to haha because they have all made my life richer! after answering this ill think of 22346134 more people.

Decent list. If you could achieve one important thing in your life, what would it be?

Get my music out to the world. It’s important to me I guess haha.

Last question of the third question segment. How would you like to die other than old age?

Shot into space.

What do you think of mainstream music?

Same thing I think about Maccas haha.

What do you think about Maccas?

It’s a product that we have been tricked into thinking is food but it’s just a tool for profit hahaha.

Related question. Are television and/or print advertisements exploitative in nature? Do they take advantage of consumers?

like religion they take advantage of ignorance so is that their fault or the consumers?

Similar question. Are professional athletes overpaid, or is this simply a situation where highly skilled and scarce athletes are paid according to supply and demand?

It’s all supply and demand.. I would make the most money in the world if everyone listened to my music haha id also get all the endorsements etc which brings more income. As humans in a monetary system we are all products and our value is based on scarcity and demand.

Different question. What is your opinion regarding increased pay for teachers? When students do well on standardized tests, should the teachers of those students receive increased raises?

Well I am against our education system so there’s probably no point in me answering that haha.

What specific things are you against regarding the current educational system?

Well it’s basically job training haha a true education system would be emergent and experimental; it wouldn’t have any tests and it would be adjusted for each individual student and evolve with them. An education system at that level couldn’t exist in this system as it doesn’t lead to a measurement for jobs.

I agree with that. As a means to preventing terrorist activity, do you have a problem with the Federal government having access to your e-mail account, library records, and other personal information?

In the west you are overwhelmingly more likely to die from eating meat and dairy than from terrorism.. yes I do have a problem with the Government invading my privacy for something that doesn’t even make our top 10 biggest causes of death. I am more afraid of the government and rich people (so the same people) than I am from some unknown threat that doesn’t come close to the destruction of the Wests biggest addictions.

Are race relations better or worse than they were before the 1960s?

I have no idea but this is my response to it all: “There are no negro problems, or Polish problems, or Jewish problems, or Greek problems, or women’s problems, there are HUMAN PROBLEMS”. – Jacque Fresco 1974.

Excellent response. What do you think of Donald Trump?

He must be anti establishment since every media outline is constantly shitting on him haha.

What changes to the world would you make if you had the power over a country?

Implement a Resource Based Economy.

How would you deal with corruption and ensure the methods of a Resource based economy is sustained?

corruption is a product of scarcity and ignorance which wouldn’t exist in a RBE and a RBE is self-sustaining unlike our current system!

When the day comes of automation taking over and being used all over the world, what is going to happen?

The beginning of the civilized world!

What are your thoughts on globalism?

Will only work in a RBE.

What will it take to make positive change and growth today?

The internet, if it is left alone!

Is there a difference between spirituality and religion to you?

They are both just words that have infinite meanings haha.

Do you belive that we are all connected in some way or an other?

Physically the whole universe is connected!

What is god to you?

Nature, The universe.

What is the meaning of life?

There is no purpose to life, which means the possibilities of purpose are infinite! either that or pussy.

Last question, is there anything you want to say to my blogs audience?


Third times a charm. Stay aware/alert for the fourth interview coming soon. Only available at Ungroovygords on


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