Assassin’s Creed, a movie review

A movie review by: Lee Sonogan

(2016) 1h55min/ Action, adventure, drama


A new movie based on an on going popular video game series. IMDB describes the movie as when Callum Lynch explores the memories of his ancestor Aguilar and gains the skills of a Master Assassin, he discovers he is a descendant of the secret Assassins society. With a budget of 125 million, the movie made over $240 million in the box office, despite being reviewed fairly average. Two more sequels are rumoured to be made after this one.

The movie stars the actor Michael Fassbender, he is known from movies such as X-men and Prometheus. Fassbender was attracted to the project because he wanted to do a fantasy film that was rooted in science, and also thought the idea of Templars vs. Assassins was intriguing. Michael Fassbender and Ariane Labed did 95% of the fights in the film themselves.

Michael Fassbender was Ubisoft’s first choice to play the franchise’s iconic hooded hero, according to Jean-Julien Baronnet, CEO of Paris-based Ubisoft Motion Pictures. Baronnet also stated in an interview that none of Ubisoft’s upcoming film adaptations will follow the same plot as their respective games, but will instead focus on telling new stories parallel to those games.

80% of the film, including stunts, extras and locations, were shot on camera, without using CGI. The film features the highest free fall performed by a stuntman in almost 35 years. The stuntman Damien Walters performed a free fall from the height of 125 feet (38 meters), which lasted almost 3 seconds with a 61 mph impact speed.

The story of the film will be a new screenplay written specifically for this purpose, and not following the storyline of the games, allowing Ubisoft to develop unique stories for the big screen while maintaining their stories on our small screens. The Assassins costumes took 2-3 months to make and were all hand-crafted. There are eight versions of each costume, with an entire costume team devoted to each of the Assassins.

Director Justin Kurzel’s main desire regarding this film was to keep things as real as possible. The majority of action sequences, including stunts, were made as much as possible in camera. Director Justin Kurzel wanted to make the events of the past timeline look and feel less like a fantasy and more like the actual historical context.

Fun fact, Robert Downey Jr. was rumored to appear in the film as Leonardo da Vinci. Playing some of the video games, I was interested in checking out the movie adaption of it. I like the actor Michael Fassbender and he did a good job getting the overall story over. Also the action and stunt coordinating is epic. I would of rated this movie higher if it was R and had more blood in it. The adaption concept is creative and keeps you interested in the story. There is twists and turns, with fitting music to every scene. It’s not a perfect movie, but worth a watch. The ending leaves you with a small hint in what the next movie will be about. I recommend this movie to people who have never heard of the Assassin’s creed video game series before and fans of the series.


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