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I have had the Nintendo switch now for attest 24 hours. From what I have done on it, I feel confident in telling all of you all about it. After a week trying to remain cool about it, I can say that its been worth it. Even though it is in its launch, it feels like the new console. I have not had a main Nintendo console since the Wii. I am very hopeful about the Nintendo Switchs future.

Buying it in a deal with the game The legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild, it was cheaper compared to the PS4 and Xbox launch. Taking it out of the box, there was no need for instructions. With a quick charge, you are ready to start setting it up. Then either on the tablet or tv screen, it tells you what you need to do to set it up. After all the setting are done, make sure game is in and you can start playing almost immediately. Switch in out your joycons depending how you want to play.

I am going to do a review for The legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild very soon. So I will only say one or two things about it. The imagery in the game and console home screen is a huge upgrade. Its style looks like the next generation, more on the tv in 1080p compared to the handheld being 720p. Make sure you go through the Switchs settings to ensure that your tv is running on 1080p. The second thing is that is runs very smoothly.

The joycons/controllers work very smoothly as well. Can not wait untill I can get some multiplayer games on it and play it not on the tv anywhere with the joycons. unattached from the console, you get a lot of battery time. In my little test after a full charge, playing it for two and a half hours, it was about half charge left. So that’s potentially 5 hours that you can use it not on the tv!

I have heard rumours and seen a face mount attachment design for it. It is said to be the design to add virtual reality to the console. If that is true, then I am excited. Also with Pokemon Go being released last year, will they implement more augmented reality features in future games?

Here is a list of games already in development or released:

1-2-Switch 3 March 2017 Party Nintendo EPD
1001 Spikes TBC Platformer Nicalis
2 Fast 4 Gnomz TBC Endless Runner QubicGames
Arcade Archives TBC Compilation TBC
Arms 30 Sep 2017 Fighting Nintendo EPD
Audio Hero TBC Action QubicGames
Away: Journey to the Unexpected Unknown Unknown Unknown
Battle Chef Brigade Action, role-playing game Trinket Studios Adult Swim Games
Battle Princess Madelyn TBC Platformer Causal Bit Games
Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, The 2017 Roguelike Nicalis
Bit! Boy! Arcade TBC Puzzle Bplus
Blaster Master Zero March 2D sidescroller Inti Creates
BlazBlue (Untitled) TBC Fighting Arc System Works
Cave Story TBC Platformer Pixel
Celeste TBC Platformer Matt Makes Games
Constructor HD 3 March 2017 Real-time strategy System 3
Cube Life: Island Survival HD Q1 2017 Sandbox Cypronia
Dandara Winter 2017 2D Platformer Raw Fury and Long Hat House
Derby Stallion game (Untitled) TBC Sports Parity Bit
Disgaea 5 Complete Q2 2017 Tactical RPG Nippon Ichi Software
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 TBC Fighting Dimps
Dragon Quest Heroes I TBC Role-playing game Omega Force
Dragon Quest Heroes II TBC Role-playing game Omega Force
Dragon Quest X TBC Role-playing game Square Enix
Dragon Quest XI TBC Role-playing game Square Enix
Duck Game Action Landon Podbielski Adult Swim Games
Dungeon of Zaar 2017 Turn-based strategy DungeonofZaar
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The Q3 2017 Role-playing game Bethesda Game Studios
Engine Software Action-adventure Cornfox & Bros. FDG Entertainment
Enter the Gungeon Action-adventure Dodge Roll Devolver Digital
Escapists 2, The 2017 Strategy Team17
Farming Simulator 18 TBC Simulation Giants Software
Fast RMX Mar 2017 Racing Shin’en
FIFA Switch 2017 Sports Electronic Arts
Fire Emblem Switch (Working title) TBC Unknown Unknown
Fire Emblem Warriors Q3 2017 Hack and slash Omega Force, Team Ninja
Flipping Death 2017 Puzzle/adventure Zoink Games
GoNNER 2017 Roguelike Raw Fury Games
Graceful Explosion Machine April 2017 Pilot fighter Vertex Pop
Has-Been Heroes 31 March 2017 Strategy Frozenbyte
Hollow Knight 2017 2D adventure Team Cherry
Hover: Revolt of Gamers Action-adventure Fusty Game, Midgar Studio Unknown
Human Resource Machine 3 March 2017 Puzzle Tomorrow Corporation
I Am Setsuna March 2017 Role-playing game Tokyo RPG Factory
Ittle Dew 2 Action-adventure, role-playing game Ludosity Nicalis
Jackbox Party Pack 3 TBC Party Jackbox Games
Just Dance 2017 3 March 2017 Rhythm Ubisoft Paris
Kingdom TBC Adventure, simulation Raw Fury Games
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The 3 March 2017 Adventure Nintendo EPD
Lego City Undercover Q2 2017 Action-adventure TT Fusion
Lego Worlds TBC Adventure/Sandbox Traveller’s Tale
Little Inferno 3 March 2017 Puzzle Tomorrow Corporation
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 28 April 2017 Kart racer Nintendo
Mech Super eXtended TBC TBC Byte4Games
Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure TBC Adventure Telltale Games
Minecraft: Switch Edition 2017 Sandbox 4J Studios
Minna de Wai Wai! Spelunker Adventure Telltale Games Telltale Games
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom 2017 Platformer Game Atelier
Mr. Shifty April 2017 Action Team Shifty
Mutant Mudds Sandbox 4J Studios Mojang
NBA 2K18 Sep 2017 Sports Visual Concepts
NBA Playgrounds Adventure Tozai Games Square Enix
ACA NEOGEO: Metal Slug 3 3 March 2017 Side-scrolling shooter SNK
ACA NEOGEO: The King of Fighters ’98 3 March 2017 Fighting SNK
ACA NEOGEO: Waku Waku 7 3 March 2017 Fighting SNK
ACA NEOGEO: Shock Troopers 3 March 2017 Shooter SNK
ACA NEOGEO: World Heroes Perfect 3 March 2017 Fighting SNK
Neuro Voider Platformer Game Atelier FDG Entertainment
New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers TBC Simulation Arc System Works
Niki Rock’n’ Ball TBC Puzzle Bplus
No More Heroes 3 (placeholder title) 2017 Unknown Grasshopper Manufacture
Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence 2017 Turn-based strategy Koei Tecmo Games
Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas 2017 Action-adventure Cornfox & Bros.
Ohayou! Beginner’s Japanese TBC Educational Finger Gun Games
Old Time Hockey TBC Sports V7 Entertainment
Othello Sports Visual Concepts 2K Games
Overcooked: Special Edition 2017 Co-op puzzle Team17
Pankapu Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pocket Rumble March Fighter Chucklefish/Cardboard Robot Games
Pokémon Stars (rumoured title) TBC Role-playing game Game Freak
Portal Knights Simulation Arc System Works Arc System Works
Project Mekuru Puzzle Over Fence Over Fence
Project Octopath Traveler (tentative) TBC Role-playing game Square Enix
Project Sonic 2017 (tentative) Q4 2017 Platformer Sonic Team
Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 May 2017 Puzzle Sonic Team
Puzzle Box Racing Aurelien Regard Unknown
Puzzlebox Setup Sequel TBC Puzzle Bplus Games
Racing Apex TBC Racing Lucky Mountain Games
Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition TBC Platformer Ubisoft Montpellier
Redout Q2 2017 Racing 34BigThings
Rime May 2017 Adventure Tequila Works
RISE: Race of the future TBC Racing VD-Dev Games
Rive Turn-based strategy Koei Tecmo Games Koei Tecmo Games
Riverside TBC Action-adventure Zockrates Laboratories
Rogue Trooper Redux Shooter Rebellion Eidos Games
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII TBC Turn-based strategy Koei Tecmo Games
Runner3 Spring 2017 Endless runner/platformer Choice Provisions
Sacred Hero, The 2018 Role-playing game SiMPLiSTiC
Seasons of Heaven TBC Adventure Any Arts Production
Shakedown Hawaii April 2017 Beat ’em up vBlank
Shin Megami Tensei (Untitled) TBC Role-playing game Atlus
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove 3 March 2017 Action, platformer Yacht Club Games
Six Foot Unknown Grasshopper Manufacture Unknown
Skylanders: Imaginators 3 March 2017 Action-adventure Vicarious Visions
Snake Pass Q1 2017 Puzzle Sumo Digital Ltd
Snipperclips March 2017 Puzzle Nintendo, SFB Games
Soldam: Blooming Declaration March 2017 Puzzle City Connection
Sonic Mania Q2 2017 Platformer Tantalus, Pagodawest Games
Soratobu Bunbun Baan Unknown Unknown Nintendo
Spelunker World TBC Adventure Tozai Games
Splatoon 2 Q2 2017 Third-person shooter Nintendo EPD
Stardew Valley Winter 2017 Simulation, role-playing game ConcernedApe
State of Mind TBC Action-adventure Daedalic Entertainment
SteamWorld Dig 2 Winter 2017 Metroidvania Image & Form
Steep 2017 Sports Ubisoft Annecy
Story of Seasons TBC Simulation, role-playing game Marvelous
Sunu Ikkibu: Din Nahu TBC Survival horror Alecqua Studios
Super Bomberman R 3 March 2017 Action Konami
Super Mario Odyssey December 2017 Platformer Nintendo EPD
Syberia 3 TBC Adventure Microïds
Taiko Drum Master (Untitled) TBC Rhythm Bandai Namco Studios
Tales (Untitled) TBC Role-playing game Bandai Namco Studios
Tank It! 2017 Vehicle simulation Bplus
Terraria Platformer Ubisoft Montpellier Ubisoft
The Fall Part 2: Unbound Action-adventure Over The Moon Unknown
The Next Penelope Action-adventure Team Shifty tinyBox
The Sacred Hero Sports V7 Entertainment V7 Entertainment
The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup Puzzle-platformer Gory Detail Gory Detail
Thumper Racing 34BigThings Nicalis
Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove Puzzle Bplus Bplus
Treasurenauts Racing Lucky Mountain Games Lucky Mountain Games
Troll and I TBC Action-adventure Spiral House
Tumbleseed Autumn 2017 Puzzle aeiowu
Ultimate Chicken Horse TBC Platformer Clever Endeavour Games
Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers TBC Fighting Capcom
Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup, The TBC Puzzle-platformer Gory Detail
Untitled Story of Seasons game Action-adventure, role-playing game Keen Games 505 Games
VOEZ TBC Rhythm Flyhigh Works
Vroom in the Night Sky 3March Racing POISOFT
WarGroove 2017 Turn-based strategy Chucklefish games
Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap 2017 Action-adventure Lizardcube
World of Goo 3 March 2017 Puzzle 2D Boy
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 2017 Role-playing game Monolith Soft
Yoku’s Island Express TBC Pinball Villa Gorilla
Yooka-Laylee 2017 Platformer Playtonic Games
Zombie Vikings TBC Action-adventure Zoink

Thank god this is not a review, because it would be near impossible to give it a rating compared to all other video game consoles out there. Saying that tho, it could potentially become the best one out of pure innovation, creativity and beating all other consoles to the market with good quality features and tech. Two games that I will be getting for sure is Super Mario Odyssey and The new Pokemon game. Maybe even the new Smash when they release it most likely this year. I recommend this video game console to everyone that likes Nintendo and wants to experience a new level of gaming and potential gaming.

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