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Today I have a written interview for you with one of my friends, Alex Boasman. Born on the 22 of December 1993, he has knowledge of Politics, computers and much more. He currently lives in South Gippsland, Victoria and went to hight school at Korumburra Secondary College. Alex has told me to put in a disclaimer about his spelling in his answers. Because he wrote them and then sent them to me.

First of, how are you today?

I’m good Lee, Almost near the end of the summer season at my work so I’ve had some more free time!

Can you tell my audience a little about yourself?

Sure, Im a young bloke trying to figure out my direction in the world, grew up in the Computer generation so I have some hand on skills, I enjoy learning new experiences and I have felt a huge maturity gain from 2016 onwards!

What are some of your nicknames?

Boasman, Bo, Bahman, Revmanrahman, Luffalaueman, Bobe, hahahaha

What music are you listening to now or at the moment?

Gone back through an early Rush phase, Been great appreciating the huge amount of effort in not only lyrics but just musical creations in general! Lynyrd Skynyrd has been a fantastic experience too as of recent

Nice, Shane was showing me Lynard Skynard recently. You play the guitar, When did you start playing it?

Yeah we ended up getting into them at a similar time, Van Halen was the same sort of thing, Uhm I learnt for about 3 months in year 6 (06?) But I’ve been self-taught and learning since 2013/14ish

Other then Max DC and Shane Archer, who do you jam with?

I have played with my Uncle a few times but not recently, I’ve played once with George and Matt (Connections through Max)

Who do you jam with the best out of those people mentioned?

Skills wise, Max for sure, Matt was cool because I haven’t played with anyone who played a Sax before!

Would you call your self a amateur musician or just a musician? Because in the last interview Shane made me take out the ametuer musician part in the intro part of the interview as I was trying to describe him.

I would describe myself as an amateur musician, Still a massive amount to learn in the field of guitar, but also in creating chorus’ and actual musical structure!

You have some recordings of your music, when are you gonna share some to the public?

The current recordings aren’t full or rehearsed, I’d probably prefer an actual live performance to be displayed first!

Fair enough man. Who are some of the best musicians of all time?

Early Rush, Early Eddie Van Halen, Angus Young, George Harrison, Dunno I would say these are ones I enjoy on a regular basis

What genres of tv shows/movies do you usually watch?

Don’t really lock myself in to a genre, But something that treats itself as an art but without overindulgence, Comedy, Thrillers and Action are probably my main preference

Can you recommend any tv shows/movies to watch?

Hmm, The Clone Wars (Star wars) if you want the prequels to be redeemed, The Great Dictator and any Charlie Chaplin, Monty Python, Animated DC

Speaking of DC, Marvel or DC comics?

DC, Marvel aren’t my joy

Do you collect anything I do not know about?

I have a great deal of the original Horrible History magazines that came out back in the early 2000s

I did not know that. You went to Canada, what did you do there?

I planned my trip around seeing Rush and Van Halen, Went and explored Vancouver and the Rocky Mountains and then went through to the east and checked out Niagara falls, Toronto and Montreal, Tried to balance seeing new things everyday with killing my liver!

I am a bit jelly. Best story from Canada?

Was a great experience, looking at a working holiday depending on what 2017 ends up like, There’s a few, but on my first night of being in a foreign city, away from family connections by over 17 hours of flights… I met this awesome English dude who I got hammered with, woke up and never saw the bloke at the Hostel ever again but was unique to happen

Nice, what other country would you go to if you had the money and time to do it?

USA, Most of Europe, but I’d love to go deep into Russia and explore all the little towns, Rural Australia will be a trip soon im sure too

Last question of the first segment. Would you ever write a guest post on my blog?

I’d do a guest segment on your blog for sure!

Time for some hypotheticals. If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?

If I could fit the rise and fall of the Roman empire from start to finish I’d be happy!

Brutal, if you could be any fictional character, who would you choose and why?


Whats worse? Physical pain or mental pain?

Mental pain, always

Gym or Home workout?

Gym, Creates an environment to escape from home!

If you had to listen to only one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Powerage by AC/DC

Which is easier? being a profession wrestler or Mixed martial arts specialist?

Wrestler, Still can contribute the same physical risks, but you’ve also got the acting factor!

Alright, now the more personal segment. What is your earliest memory?

Being in the stroller wearing my wooly jacket with mum.

Impressive memory. My earliest is seeing a Echidna on the side of the road on the way to kindergarten. When do you usually go to bed?

Currently when I’m tired and needed for work, hours aren’t the same everyday so I have to be flexible!

What is something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to?

Go truly crazy…

What question do you hate to answer?

“What’s your plan for tomz”

How would you like to die other than old age?

With Style, or as a Martyr

When have you felt your biggest adrenaline rush?

When I jumped over 5 meters into a river in Canada.

Can you tell me an interesting dream that you had?

I tend to have dreams that spand over multiple sleeps, It’s hard to explain, had one where me and Fraser travelled to Russia, each sleep had us in a different area

Do you have any enemies?

Not that I know of!

Who are your heroes and why?

I don’t really have an hero’s as I’d like to say all people have flaws, I do like Aristotle as an ideologue to stand by.

Whats one thing that you want to improve in yourself?

Physical health!

 What are your thoughts about your future?

Positive as I can be, I’m not the same person i was 3 years ago and I hope to develop!

Delightful. Finally, Rate 1/10 how content you are with life?


Last segment of questions. Give me all your thoughts and opinions. What are your opinions regarding beach-front property and private beaches? Should all beaches be public to allow access to the ocean, or do you believe that some beaches can be bought for private use?

Beach-front properties : Nothing wrong with them, preferable slightly back, All beaches should be public to an extent unless needed for a government purpose, I think where the sea begins is where property should tent to end

What do you think about modern music?

I hate the fact that the major musicians have become mercenaries to buy songs rather than create, it takes away the purpose of art, The locked Beats per minute and the lack of trying to create something other than the next club songs for DJs to spit out to the drugged up teens is what’s wrong

Should you watch much mainstream media?

At this current point, You should read multiple media sources and see what ones take it out of context and expect an emotional response rather than thought, Mainstream media has been caught out too many times as of recent to have much trust

I totally agree with that. Are television and/or print advertisements exploitative in nature? Do they take advantage of consumers?

If advertisements avoided being exploitative, they wouldn’t work, from the coke ad telling me to enjoy summer with friends with a cool coke, to a African kid almost dying in front of the Camera to bring a sense of guilt, They all want money and we’ve got it for them!

What is your thoughts regarding increased pay for teachers? When students do well on standardized tests, should the teachers of those students receive increased raises?

After witnessing the actual work that Teachers do, They almost work more hours than what they get paid at times, It’s not a 9-3:30 day like they’d like to sell to the public, It’s 8-6 and sometimes longer, I know they get less hours forced to work, but It’s not a job that you can just leave behind once you’re at home, it’s a commitment. I’m against pay incentives for that due to the fact that standardised testing does not replicate real world results for a lot of items, Some teachers would allow students to cheat to get that sweet bonus and It creates extra stress in a field that people are already leaving in droves.

 Are professional athletes overpaid, or is this simply a situation where highly skilled and scarce athletes are paid according to supply and demand?

Professional athletes are paid in respect to the contract they can get out I believe, If you’re good enough in the field you’re in, but also in regards to negotiating and keeping up with your promise, then you deserve it.

 As a way of preventing terrorist activity, do you have a problem with the Federal government having access to your e-mail account, library records, and other personal information?

The Federal Government can fuck off with having private emails etc, It’s a true disgrace to privacy to allow for that to happen, It’s no different from if the government was to check everything you did when you sent a letter or a text, It’s an invasion of privacy and our fear of terrorism is not worth the loss of freedoms!

Everyones gotta understand that to some level. Are race relations better or worse than they were before the 1960s?

Heaps better, I know people would like to say there’s a lot of animosity against races now, But even immigration wise, Australians have more respect to the natives of the land, and towards races that would have otherwise been seen as the enemy in the 60s

 Fair point. So, do you think there will not be a world war 3 in our lifetime?

I’d say its going to happen, I’d hate to be negative, but the US aint the power it was from the 90s and back, it’ll take a lot of peaceful talks and so to calm everyone down

That is a scary thought to consider. The status quo or growth and why?

Very scary thought, but It could change, We need a change, I feel like we’re heading towards a culling of unique cultures and countries and I feel that is causing the anger and animosity that is giving us headaches

When automation happens world-wide, what do you think is going to happen?

It will come in waves, like it already is, jobs will be lost at the start, but the western or better off countries will benefit in the initial 20+ years, Socialism may become more prevalent, but We’re still going to be working to some degree for those items we want

 What are your thoughts on alternative systems such as The Venus project, the Zeitgeist movement and other alternative groups that incorporate socialism methods and ideas?

 I don’t think that they are realistic paths, socialism, communism, Zeitgeist/Venus all sound good on paper but I don’t think in practice, we need items like Tax to help fund the items that we wouldn’t be realistically able to up keep day-to-day like roads, health services and regulations, but i don’t think that giving everyone what they need, rather than what they want ends up breeding aspirations and creativity. A lot of full-blown Socialist nations seem to either go bust, or have issues with mass taxes that cause economic downfall, I think a mixture of Capitalism and Socialism is ideal!

 The Venus project says it self that its resourced – based economy would only work if the whole world shared its resources and made information such as resources public to the everyone with equal distribution of resources. So my question is would socialism work if for some reason all country’s united as one?

 At the same time I’d hate to have information restricted for personal gain, A united set of countries aint a country in my eyes, sure we have the same or similar values as our commonwealth and American partners, but I think that Socialism on a global scale would only lead to bringing down the lifestyle on those in the rich nations, whilst only bringing up a little select though otherwise, I truly believe that big government dictating the rules, will only lead to corruption as it has only ever lead to before, If Australia played fair each time we did a deal, we certainly wouldn’t have the wealth we bestow upon our nation today, that’s for sure. Globalism is not our friend, I’d hate to lose our way of life to the loudest voice or viewpoint in the false sense of complete socialism!

 I could ask you heaps of questions off that, but I will simply ask you. What will it take to make positive change and growth in the world today?

Less rules,less fear, more national pride for each nation, less immigration on the basis of looking after the people each country already has and then finding out how we can push people to come out and work for pride and not money, people don’t work for a company because they’re proud of it anymore, they work for money and that’s all, that’s a huge problem!

Interesting, If you believed that people would vote for you, would you lead a political organisation if it was about your political views?

I’d only lead a political party, if it reflected a majority of people’s views not just mine, I wouldn’t sell out to a major bidder or corp.

How would you deal with corruption to make sure you carry out your promises for the people?

That’s one thing I wouldn’t discuss in public 😉

What are your thoughts on Trump?

Because I actually followed, Bernie and Trump when it became apparent these 2 looked to be both anti establishment, he really does seem to have a lot of legit concerns that he thinks the people will follow, It’s not like this bloke decide to just run for top job on a bet, He’s been toying with the idea, for years upon years, the evidence is there. I’d say, the fact that he’s going forth with his campaign promises is the biggest factor, It will only bring other countries to get their pollies on watch to do the same. I am against full-blown Right wing views, but I will admit that his plan seems to be truly, America first which is a truly understandable plan to have after Bush and Obama leaving America so divided !

I am interested in what he got to show and do, but I heard his totally comfortable with nuclear arms if America is threatened. What do you think of him now?

The only videos I could find on that is him comparing it to the fact that other nations now have arms too, respect by strength is something the Yanks have done for years anyway. Most of his polices he’s implemented have been fine, have been promises he said he’d do, He hasn’t really behaved bad in the public eye since being president, so thats good too!

Lets changes to something different and finish this. What are your thoughts on religion/spirituality?

Not religious at all, My spirituality would be to not directly intend to harm another person, which you learn along the way in life anyway! Laughter and Happiness are a must spirituality!

Do you belive that we are all connect in some way or another?

In some ways yes, Look at how easily nations and cultures are created, It’s why when you head to a Asian nation it’s got a completely different standard to what we in Australia do, It’s what makes us unique…but still the same

What do you think is the meaning of life?

Eat, sleep, rave, repeat? But honestly at a boring level, bread, overcome boredom by making creations, however grand you think they are to pass the time! Leave a legacy that can be appreciated by one or many!

Last question, do you have anything extra to say to my blogs audience? Be as long as you need to be.

I’d like to know how a lot of these people who aren’t connected to Lee in a personal aspect came across this blog, what has kept some of them to continue reading and to give constructive feedback to know for lee that you are there!

Your done man, not bad at all. Thanks for doing the interview.

There you have it, an interview with the bulk detail you want. Interview 2 complete. Stay tuned for a another written interview with people I know.


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