Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks and Combos: Dinomist Deck

One of the pendulum decks that I know how to use well. It is a defenisve deck, with plenty of effects to go offensive. You can use Cyber dragon infinity well in this deck.



Dinomist spinos

Dinomist rex

Dinomist ceratops x3

Dinomist brachion x3

Dinomist pteran x3

Dinomist plesios x2

Dinomist stegosaurer x2

Dinomist ankylos x2

Maxx ‘c’

Aroma jar

Nightmare penguin


Swords of revealing light


Rank-up Barbarian force

Limited removal

Pot of riches x2

Galaxy cyclone x2

Twin twister

Dinomic powerload x2

Dinomist charge x2

Moray of greed

Upstart goblin


Xyz reborn x3

Jar of avarice

Royal decree




Abyss dweller

Number 103: Ragnazero

Number 101: Slient honor ARK

Number C101: Slient honor Dark

Number 39: Utopia

Number S39: Utopia the lightening

Number 61: Volcasaurus

Wind-up arsenal zemaich

Dark rebellion xyz dragon

Number 73: Abyss splash

Number C73: Abyss supra splash

Cyber dragon nova

Cyber dragon infinity x2

Gaia dragon, the thunder charger



Use pendulum summoning to summon your stong level 5 xyz monsters.

Draw cards are, Pot of ritches, Moray of greed, Maxx ‘c’, Dinomist charge and upstart goblin.

Recycle cards are Jar of avarice and Pot of riches.

Use Gaia dragon, the thunder charger to put on top of any level 5 or 6 xyz monster if it was effected by an effect or have used all materials on the xyz monster you have on the field.

Time it well to use Rank-up barbarian force, then summon one of the two rank up water attribute xyz monsters with strong effects.

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