Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks and Combos: Hero Deck

If you watched Yu-Gi-Oh GX, then you might have heard of the elemental heros. For years they have been extending their archtype. Some of the new cards include fusion Masked heros that are easy to summon.



Elemental hero shadow mist x3

Elemental hero bubbleman x2

Elemental hero blazeman x2

Elemental hero flash

Elemental hero prisma

Tin goldfish x3

Goblindbergh x2



Mask change x3

Mask change second

Mask charge

E- Emgency call x3

Galaxy cyclone

Twin twister

A hero lives

Up start goblin

Polymerization x2

Instant fusion

Swords of revealing light


Reinforment of the army

Parallel world fusion


Bottomless trap hole

Floodgate trap hole

Void trap hole

Royal degree

Jar of avarice




Number 39: Utopia

Number S39: Utopia the lightening

Dark rebellion xyz dragon

Gagaga samurai

Number 103: Ragnazero

Traptrix Rafflesia


Masked hero acid x2

Masked her0 koga

Masked hero dark law

Masked hero anki

Elemental hero core

Elemental hero absolute zero x2

Elder entity norden



Use mask change on one of elemental heros to avoid being destroyed by a card effect and summon a masked hero monster from your extra deck

You Goblindbergh or Tin goldfish with Elemental shadow mist to get a mask change from your deck.

Your draw power will come from the cards E- emergency call, Reinforcement of the army, upstart goblin, A hero lives, Elemental hero shadow mist and more.

Use Traptrix Rafflesia to discard ‘hole’ traps from your deck and then use that effect in this turn.

Recycle cards with Jar of avarice, Elemental hero flash, mask charge and parallel world fusion.


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