Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Red-Eyes Black Dragon

The second dragon card you might be familiar with. Recently, it has gotten many more powerful cards to its archtype. If used well, this deck can achieve you a swift victory.



Red eyes black dragon x3

Summoned skull x2

Lord of the red

Red-eyes black flare dragon

Red-eyes darkness metal dragon

Red-eyes retro dragon x3

Red-eyes wyvern

Black metal dragon x2

The black stone of legend x2

Hieratic dragon of gebeb

Keeper of the shrine x2

Gagaga magician


Red-eyes fusion x2

Red-eyes insight

Swords of revealing light


Red-eyes transmigration

Cards of the red stone

Instant fusion

Dragon’s mirror

Twin twister x2

Burial from a different dimmension


Return of the red-eyes

Dragon’s rage

Jar of avarice

Mirror force

Statue of anguish x2

Scrap-iron scarecrow

Vanity’s emptiness


Extra deck


Elder entity Norden

First of the dragons

Archfiend black skull dragon


Red-eyes flare metal dragon

Number 11: Big eye

Mecha phantom beast dtacosack

Daigusto emral

Dark rebellion xyz dragon

Queen dragun djinn

Number 103: Ragnazero

Number 80: Rhapsody in berserk

Number 39: Utopia

Number S39: Utopia the lightening

Abyss dweller



Have a Archfiend black skull dragon on the field and make sure you have a Red-eyes black dragon in your graveyard to recycle it and inflict a lot of damage at the end of each turn.

Take advantage of Dragon’s rage with your powerful dragon cards when you can.

Special summon Red-eyes from the graveyard or deck with Return of the red-eyes, The black stone of legend, Red-eyes darkness dragon, Queen dragun djinn, Daigusto emral, Hieratic dragon of gebeb and Red-eyes tracer dragon.

Use Gagaga magician and Statue of anguish pattern with Red-eyes black dragon to summon your level 7 xyz monsters easy.

Use Black metal dragon and keeper of the throne to get a Red-eyes dragon straight from your deck to your hand.

Use a combination of burial of a different dimension and dragon’s mirror to summon First of the dragons and save your strong normal monsters at the same time.

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