Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Toon Deck

If you watched the first season of Yu-gi-oh, then you may have heard of these monsters. They have the ability to attack your opponent’s life points directly and plenty of support cards. The deck is based around the Toon Kingdom and using it to make your monsters unstoppable. Still, it is a hard deck to use effectively.


Toon barrel dragon

Toon buster blader

Red-eyes toon dragon

Toon Dark magician x2

Toon Gemini elf x3

Toon masked sorcerer x2

Necroface x2

Double coston x3

Breaker the magical warrior x2


Toon Kingdom x3

Toon table of contents x3

Toon rollback


Cosmic hand

Allure of darkness x2


Swords of revealing light

Galaxy cyclone x3

Double summon

Instant fusion

Soul charge


Royal decree x3


Extra deck


Number: 39 Utopia x2

Number: S39 Utopia the lightning x2

Dark rebellion xyz dragon

Number 66: Master key beetle

Number 103: Ragnazero

Number 80: Rhapsody in berserk

Daigusto Emeral

Abyss Dweller

Castel, the skyblaster musketeer

Number 101: Slient Honor ARK

Mecha phantom beast dracossack

Number 11: Big eye


Elder entity Norden



Banish cards with Toon kingdom to stop your toon monsters from being destroyed in battle or card effects

Use the 2 Necrofaces to recycle banished cards back to your deck. This includes your opponents banished cards.

Use Double Coston for 2 tributes to summon your strong dark toon monsters

Instant fusion to special summons 2 tributes straight away for a level 7 monster card in your hand to be tribute summoned.

Attack your opponent’s life points directly with all the Toon monsters in this deck.

3 Royal degrees to make all trap cards not work except this continuous trap card. Be offensive as you possibly can when you have a combination of this card and other powerful monster cards on the field that are able to attack.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Toon Deck (2020 Update)

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