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“Say your name over two hundred times and discover you are no one,” – Stephen KingImage result for 200

I have written so much of these things and made some good stuff. It has helped me improve my literacy skills. Coming up with ideas and improving my grammar. The question is do I continue? Each post I make is a average of 500 words. So 200 times 500 words is 100,000 words. Could be a little more or a little less. But nonetheless it is a size of an Epic novel.

I have gotten a decent amount of people to my site and I have had not complaints so far. Just throwing some ideas out there, would using my reviews and lists together in separate books be of interest to people? Would people be interested in reading written interviews with everyday people? Are people liking my Issues and answers article series? and so much more?

I am unsure of the future of this blog. In the last week my daily views have gone down quite a lot, considering that for the last two months I was getting an average of a hundred people and more. My first book is important to me in getting finished, I have other writing project to also complete and I could be spending more time in pitching ideas for freelance writing online. Plus extra life stuff.

I will finish what I have started, but this year I will make lesser content on this blog. Hopefully that new time and effort will be used for new and different writing that you will be still interested in.

Overall stats currently for my blog:

  • Posts: 200
  • Views: 5908
  • Visitors: 4486
  • Best views ever: 228 (December 31, 2016)

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