Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Superheavy Samurai Deck

This deck is all about ‘The best offense is a strong defense’. This is because a lot of the powerful monsters in this deck can attack while in defense mode and have alot of support cards. This deck is one of my favourite deck to use online. Not much spells and traps in this deck.

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Superheavy samurai Big benkei

Superheavy samurai Theif

Myhic Water Dragon Battleball x2

Superheavy samurai Trumpeter x2

Superheavy samurai Flutist x2

Superheavy samurai blue brawler x3

Superheavy samurai scales x3

Superheavy samurai soul piecer x3

Superheavy samurai Swordsman

Superheavy samurai Soulshield wall

Superheavy samurai soulfire suit x2

Giant rat x2

Gagaga magician

Fire hand x2

Ice hand x2

Aorma jar

Max ‘c’


Neo spacian grand mole

Vortex trooper x2



Breakthrough skill x2


Extra Deck:


Superheavy samurai warlord susnowo x2

Superheavy samurai Ogre shutendoji x2

Superheavy samurai ninja sarutobi

Superheavy samurai beast kyubi


Hieratic sun dragon overlord of heliopolis

Number 15: Gimmick puppet giant grinder

Divine dragon knight felgrand

Number 103: Ragnazero

Daigusto emral

Leviar the sea dragon

Number 49: Fortune tune

Number 39: Utopia

Number S39: Utopia the lightning



Use a combination of Gagaga magician, mythic water dragon or the 4 level 8 superheavy samurai monsters to xyz your strong level 8 xyz monsters.

Use giant rat to summon Superheavy samurai Big benkei or other earth superheavy monsters straight from the deck.

Protect your good monsters with breakthrough skill, Superheavy samurai soulfire suit and Superheavy samurai flutist.

You vortex trooper to recylce you hand into the deck. Epically for the hand monsters. You need the extra ones to be in the deck so there effect can activate.

Use superheavy samurai trumpetor with a other card to tribute summon Superheavy samurai Big benkei. If you do it this way Superheavy samurai trumpetor comes back from the graveyard and you can synchro summon Superheavy samurai warlord susnowo

Superheavy samurai warlord susnowo is possible the best monster card in the deck. Its effect allows you to steal a spell or trap card from your oppenents graveyard every turn. Then once you use your oppents spell or trap card, it gets bannished. Also with a defense of 3800 it can attack in defense mode using that big attack.


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