Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, a tv show review

A tv show review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2016) Season 1/ Comedy, Sci-fi

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This show stars Samuel Barnett and Elijah Wood. The two-character they portray eventually joins forces in a case that involves supernatural and psychic abilities. Mixed with humour, the story develops in many interesting ways. The Netflix show that is based on the Douglas Adams novel series of the same name. The composer of the show is called Cristobal Tapia de Veer and the adaption was created by Max Landis.

In America, the series is produced by and broadcasted on BBC America. In Europe and other global markets, the series is branded as a Netflix original and streams exclusively through the service. The show was shot almost entirely in Vancouver, British Columbia. This is most notable in the early episodes. For instance, Todd’s apartment and all the scenes surrounding it were filmed on the corner of Guelph and Broadway in the late summer of 2016.

In the driving scene in the first episode, Dirk and Todd almost run over a man in the middle of the road. If you look closely, this man is actually Gordon Rimmer and this is his first appearance. This character makes an impressive impact as the shows main bad guy. His back story makes him interesting to me as he changes from it to something much darker. His drones or minions even have a badass crossbow for a signature weapon. The steampunk taser crossbow was designed by Mythbusters Adam Savage. At the end of production, Max Landis sent him a hero prop version as payment.

Fun fact, the title of each episode is said within the episode. This show did not disappoint. With the first ep, a lot of things happen that are odd and not explained. This makes you want to watch more of it. The acting is well done and a lot of the scenes are shit in an interesting way. The ending of the first season was brutal and had a happy ending. As it suggests the next season’s themes and plots. I recommend this show to people who like Sci-fi concepts and odd comedies like Wilfred. Another show you must watch if you liked this show and like Elijah Wood.


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