Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode

My favorite synchro dragon monster card. One of the many synchro monsters also available in this deck. Every Startdust dragon deck should have a trap card called Starlight road. The following is a deck of assault mode cards, Stardust cards and dragon cards.



Stardust dragon/Assault mode x2

Red-eyes darkness metal dragon

Blue-eyes white dragon

Mirage dragon

Goblindbergh x2

Mist valley soilder x2

Witch of the black forest x2

Assault mercernary

Assault beast

Rescue rabbit

Alexandrite dragon x3

Hieratic dragon of gebeb x2

Keeper of the shrine

Maxx ‘C’



Starlight road

Dragon’s rage

Call of the haunted x2

Assault mode active x2

Breakthrough skill




Swords of revealing light

Card trader

Instant fusion

Galaxy cyclone x3

Burial from a different dimension

Upstart goblin

Pot of duplicity

Supply squad


Extra deck:


Elder enity norden


Stardust dragon x3

Beelze, King of dark dragons

Stardust spark dragon


Queen dragun djinn

Dark rebellion dragon

Number 103: Ragnazero

Number 39:Utopia

Number s39: Utopia the lightning

Daigusto emral

Number 82: Heartlandraco

Number 80: Rhapsody in berserk

Number 44: Sky pegasus



Use Dragon’s rage with your Stardust monsters and strong dragon type cards.

Use witch of the black forest and an other level 4 monster to synchro summon a powerful monster called Beelze, King of dark dragons

Summon XYZ and synchro monsters as soon as you can to make a good defense.

Effectively use card trader to move Stardust dragon/Assault mode back to the deck. As it must be in the deck when you activate Assault mode active.

Recycle cards include: Daigusto emral, Pot of dichotomy, Keeper of the shrine and Assault Mercenary.

Strike when can and calculate your risks.

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